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Monday, May 10, 2010

My 3rd Mother's Day.

It was great. We went to church and then had lunch out at Fish City Grill. Where, during a brief moment of distracted parents, Holden sprinkled about 5 tablespoons of hot sauce onto his jeans. He had one eye on us the whole time watching to see if we were going to notice what he was doing under the table. Mischevious boy! So he gave off a nice aroma on our ride home. We got home and decided on naps for everyone (or so we thought). Pax decided he didn't need a Sunday afternoon nap. What in the world! After Holden woke, the boys showed me my gift.

the candles are my gift.

And Jeremy swears that the boys picked it all out by themselves. Funny since I'm not sure that he's ever taken both boys anywhere alone. And also funny that my boys are trying to help their daddy in the romance department. But whatever. This mommy needs occassional relaxation. I had been wanting to do this next to the bathtub and apparently my boys have great taste. So they did it all for me. I do realize that alot of thought did go into this from my husband. And I'm appreciative.

And I'm pretty sure Jeremy and I had ice cream for dinner once the boys were in bed. Great day. Special, special day.

And reflecting back to Mother's Day 2008 and Mother's Day 2009. My, how quickly things have changed.


Molly said...

So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Love the bath candles and even funnier that they helped! I am like you...that sounds like something I would pick for dinner...dessert that doesn't take any preparation!!! Love you friend

The Bradts said...

YEA Holden & Pax! What a gift!!! Fun, fun! Happy BELATED Mother's Day!