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Sunday, August 23, 2015

July Highlights!

My August started with a bang! Seriously, a really hard crash and bang. The bang has left me temporarily with one arm to hunt and peck all over our ergonomic keyboard. So I have been on the computer very little. But I hate being so far behind on my little family updates so I will wrap up July in one short post. July included...
 bowls full of watermelon. Jeremy even carved watermelon initials one night.
 a hot and sweaty July 4th. Dang Texas humidity! I cant handle it!
 sparklers at home
 a fun college roomie weekend getaway at a resort on Lake Conroe. We were just missing one roomie. I love these girls. And I'm so thankful God brought us together and made us friends almost 17 years ago! How is that even possible?!!
creating beautiful masterpieces....
(in some of these pictures, Holden is just wearing Superman glasses from Sonic.)
 preparing and planning for another year of homeschooling my boys! Yahoo! I'm pumped about branching out and trying some new things.
Pax conquered swim lessons like nobody's business and now we have another fishy in the family! 
 Church group pool party, complete with men's cannonball contest!
 a family waterpark day!
Mister Abe decided he was ready to be done with diapers. And it went very smoothly. I can count his accidents on one hand. I'm a big believer in waiting until the child is ready and interested.
 Just a sweet moment where I caught of these two listening to a library story.
 We read Charlotte's Web outloud, I cried. Then we got to watch the movie.
 We celebrated Paxton's late August birthday along with cousin Cameron's mid-July birthday with one big family dinner.
It was just a little bonus that Abe got to visit with all of Aunt Amy's poultry. Life on the farm. Now I could get used to that!

I can assure you that August has been less exciting due to a fall - a bang - a break and an unplanned surgery for me. Recently, the boys and I have been cooped up way more than what is fair for summer. But for the most part they have been troopers and such great helpers to me. We will celebrate a big 6 year old Paxton on Wednesday. I am pretty sure that will be our favorite of August. Until then...