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Thursday, May 27, 2010

to the doctor we go . . .

I think we really lucked out when we found our doctor after our move to Texas. My sister's pediatrician's office made a recommendation of an office in our area and we just took it. We didn't have friends in the immediate area to ask. So we pretty much went pot luck. We wanted an office that was connected to the children's hospital because we had heard the benefits of doing so. And considering that in OKC I would get billed for after-hour calls and now I get sent directly to a nurse at the hospital (and no bill!), that's a huge benefit. So that was our only prerequisite - affiliated with the hospital. Quickly after our move we made an appointment and met Dr. E. We were pleased. She was young and seemed to really like the boys and enjoy her job. I knew nothing about her before that first appointment. I don't even think I knew her gender. So what a blessing she has been as our doctor. So today I brought my camera to our appointment so I could get a picture for the baby books and for the blog. That's something that I regret never doing with our past doctor. And yes, I still miss our old doctor. :( So here is Dr. E and my almost naked boys. The sad news today . . . she's leaving the practice as of tomorrow and she doesn't know where she'll be going. I don't think this was her wish and "contractually" she couldn't share the info with me. Not that I even care about the details, but I want her to be our pediatrician. So somehow, I've got to track her down.

And 1 reason that I won't miss going to this office, should we somehow hunt Dr. E and follow her to her new location:
The above sign was probably posted for me. I do the last part, "feeding children to keep them busy promotes poor eating habits and obesity." I noticed this sign for the first time when we went to the office 3 weeks ago. Now just because I bring goldfish to keep Holden entertained during these visits . . . and maybe he drops a few. . . and maybe I run over them with the stroller and make a slight mess . . . Not really. He rarely drops his snack and if he does, I'm quick to pick them up and throw them in the trash. But seriously! Whoever came up with this idea has never had 2 children under the age of 2. (Not that I can say that about myself anymore.) And I know it may not be "healthy" but sometimes it's just about a momma surviving. And sometimes goldfish, fruit snacks and suckers help me to do just that - survive. But today I didn't bring in snacks since I was trying to obey the rules. Instead I brought Holden's paci and a small musical toy. He threw the toy ... across the waiting room ... twice. And he cried loudly as we waited our turn. Several times he cried because I wouldn't let him push the stroller. There's just not much room for the 2 year old to be pushing the stroller around for fun. But maybe he annoyed the staff. Hopefully since I'm not allowed to feed him to make him happy. :)
And for the record, at 2 years, Holden weighed in 30lbs. 4oz (75%) and 37inches (95%). Can't wait to see the day his daddy has to look up at him.


sarah s said...

I had to laugh out loud! I took Cason to the doctor today. We sat in that little room for an hour and half! I bribed him with cookies, toys, unpacking and re-packing my purse, he pushed the stool around until he tripped and hit is head on the wall. This was all between SCREAMING and CRYING fits! I love our ped. too but not if I have to wait that long!

The Skains Family said...

Oh my, promotes obesity?!?!? My poor girls then. Seriously, what would life be like with two little ones and no snacks to survive with? Yikes! I don't care what they say, fruit snacks are our life saver!

Bonky's Mom said...

I've been meaning to tell you that I was really concerned about your boys becoming obese because they eat snacks.

What kind of mother are you?

Seriously. They need to get a life.

Guess they wouldn't like my old pedi who let Bonky eat cookies out of the staff room.

Kelly said...

Wow. I had to laugh at that too! Its a means of survival for this momma as well! Especially when they need to be church announcements or waiting forever in a waiting room. Everything in moderation, right?

Rebekah said...

We have the same no snacks rule at Michelle's allergist, but that's because everyone there is allergic to things, not because they promote obesity! It's hard following it, but when you know that your crackers could send another kid into shock (or their sesame seeds could cause yours to swell up), it's a no brainer.

I'd have a very hard time at your doctor's office. . .and I don't think I'd mind if they had to hear my kids protesting the rule :)