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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another catch up post

So far, 2014 hasn't been my best year of blogging. I've been learning something the past few months though. Home schooling, being a mommy to 3, cleaning my house, spending time with Jesus, running and exercising, cooking for my family, quality time with Jeremy, time to chat with friends...I just can't do it all. At least not very well. So I'm picking and choosing those things that are most important to me and my family. What a relief! To allow myself to let go of some things and maybe not do them to my 100% satisfaction. I've never been much of a perfectionist, but it has still been a process to come to that realization that it all does not have to get done today. Or tomorrow. And I love this blog and documenting for my family. But lately it has taken a backseat to other more important things in our lives. I'm hoping this summer I can be a little more regular with it. But I do want to do a little picture catch up post while I do have a few minutes to spare. My messy house can wait a little longer.
I'm going to start with me. I ran 9 miles on Sunday morning before church. 9 flippin' miles. In a row. Ha. I've been running with a girl from church (another Melody, actually - ironic since I never meet people with my name) and she has really pushed me. And distracted me with constant and entertaining conversation. So I'm getting up around 5am 3 mornings a week and running with her. I am seriously loving it. I can't believe how much I love it. I only did 3.5 today. But I'm hoping to do 10 on Saturday. I'll be running alone this weekend, so 10 feels very iffy all by myself. We'll see.
Two weeks ago I had a bad hair day. I had seriously been contemplating chopping my hair off. Please note that it has taken me 3 years to get it as long as it was. My hair grows extremely slow. So on this particular bad hair day I called the place I have been going the past two times for trim and a bit of color. I really trusted this girl to cut my hair in a cute, short and sassy style. Well, she was no longer working there and I couldn't track her down. So I let a random girl cut my hair. It turned out to be a mess. In fact, I had to go back into the salon the very next day when I realized the sides were uneven. And one side was all choppy layers and the other side was not layered at all. One side was angled, like I wanted it, and the other side was not angled at all. Oh and bangs...well she chopped those so short you might think one of my boys had taken scissors to my hair while i was sleeping. So those are being pinned back for another couple of weeks until there is more length on them. This picture is the most flattering I have of the cut. But honestly, I hate my hair. HATE IT! I regret it every single day. The back looks awful and it's hard to make it lie down right. I won't even show you the back. I've had very manageable, short hair in the past. But this cut is so terrible. I'm hoping by early May it will have grown a little and I can go to someone else and get it fixed. That was long. Sorry. Hair is important to me. Maybe a little too important.
This little guy has become a dare devil. He is constantly climbing! He sort of acts like a dud around strangers and even our friends. But he is pure entertainment at home in the comfort of his family. In that way, he is very similar to Pax at this stage. Don't let his very serious looks (if you see him in person) fool you.
These two boys! I've been overcome lately by their closeness and friendship. Last Saturday they ran around the house all day just playing playing playing together. Jeremy made the comment to me, "They don't know yet, how lucky they are." I agree. Their {almost} 16 month age difference is one of the best things for our family. They really are great friends. Friends that also argue, fight and get frustrated with one another. But more often than not, they are on the same team and love their time together. For that, I am so grateful! If I'm being honest here, I really want the same for Abe. Which means, we need baby #4 to arrive any day now. :) Only by a miracle could it happen.
Hallelujah! Abe decided just a few weeks ago to join the book club! He now brings me board books over and over and over again and wants me to read. I love it! He finally is loving books. I really thought it might not happen with this little guy.
Speaking of reading, Holden is doing great! And I credit Jeremy for this. He has done most of the reading lessons in the evening. Holden loves special one on one time with his daddy, so it works perfectly.
Pax found a unique pencil storage idea during school one morning....
And yes, sometimes we do school in our jammies.
I took Holden to the doctor on Monday. He was having bad stomach pains leaving him doubled over and crying, plus he was running a fever. Our doctor assumed a stomach bug was hitting. He was right. We put him in our bed that night. I woke at 2:30am and Holden was shaking. I woke him to give him ibuprofen for his fever. He immediately threw up and began shaking even more. After calling the nurse line, Jeremy and Holden headed to the ER. Which seemed completely unnecessary since once seeing the doctor they just confirmed it was only a stomach bug. That was until the same doctor heard him cough. He listened to his breathing and chest, which sounded fine. But he went ahead and did a chest x-ray and found pneumonia. Poor guy! I'm actually grateful for the stomach bug and the odd shaking that had us concerned. It was because of those other symptoms that led us to the ER and we were able to get the pneumonia taken care of. He had probably been walking around with pneumonia for a full week and no signs except a cough that sounded like alot of drainage. How does that happen!? Holden fell asleep waiting on the doctor Monday afternoon. You don't mess with his naptime. Especially if the boy is sick! He is finally on the mend.
Beautiful spring weather calls for lots of outdoor time and picnics!
Holden has never shown much interest in babies. But oh me oh my, he sure is in love with his baby brother. It's been so great to see this sweet and gentle side of him and the relationship develop so naturally between them. And Pax is crazy for Abe too. Just this week, with tears in his eyes and a trembling voice, Pax told me about Abe being pushed by a little friend and hitting his head. I loved that Pax took it a little personal and was visibly upset that Abe had gotten hurt....THAT IS ME!!! I remember running off and crying (when I was only 5 or 6 years old) because I overheard my sister's friend gossiping negatively about her. (Mean girls!) 
Date nights are now happening twice a month in this house! Which also means, I babysit twice a month. I've probably mentioned several times that I trade off with another mom/friend. That way we don't have to pay for sitters very often. Well, now I trade off with two different mom/friends. It's a perfect arrangement. And tonight I have a date night with my favorite guy. A picture from one of last month's date night, pre-haircut. :( 
And just for fun...I'll share a simple recipe...if I can even call it that. This salad is becoming my favorite lunch at home. Fresh spinach, strawberries, avocado, toasted walnuts and a little bit of shredded parmesan. I top it with a couple of tablespoons of balsamic vinegar. Just seeing the picture makes me think that I need to go and make me one right now!
And that is my massive update!