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Sunday, May 23, 2010

fun visit.

Last week my dad had a conference down the road from us. So mom came and spent the day with the boys and I. Anytime someone comes to see me, I look at that person as an extra set of hands and we get out of the house! So we did just that and did a little shopping. Later that evening, we had dinner at the house and then wanted to try an ice cream shop close by. It's a train themed place. We intended to take Holden during his birthday weekend, but that somehow never happened. So we went last week. It was a fun little place.

Holden checking out the trains.

The boys waiting patiently for icecream. Pax is still waiting. :)

Nana so thoughtfully sharing her coffee icecream as Holden continually said "more pwease."


Bonky's Mom said...

Quite sad you don't live with avocado lovers. : ( I could eat my weight in guacamole. There. I confessed.

DeBrady said...

So where exactly is this ice cream shop? Mason is REALLY starting to love trains!! Cute cute boys!! :)