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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

lazy days.

It seems like lazy days are few and far between right now. Considering that 3 out of the 4 of us are home most hours of most days, that statement doesn't even make sense in my head. But it is the way I feel. Things often feel busy. But lately they have been slowing down a bit. And that has been nice. So we have been doing things like:

helping daddy with the yard work

taking wagon rides

coloring another picture to place on the refridgerator

learning manly things (Okay, this was not staged by me. Jeremy did this all on his own and Holden ran to me excitedly to show me his beautiful face.)

and working on seeing things from a new perspective

I do enjoy these lazy days with my family. Keep 'em comin!


Molly said...

Seriously, your kids couldn't be ANY cuter. That little Paxton is a heartbreaker already! Watch out mama!

Anonymous said...
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Chassidy said...

I agree with Molly...seriously those boys are gorgeous! Maybe we should all enroll our kiddos in modeling! So glad you're having a nice start to summer