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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Play Date!

We had a play date at the house today. It was Holden’s 2nd play date, as I didn’t have my camera at the first one. This picture kind of reminds me of the Doritos commercial . . . you probably know which one I am talking about. So no, the babies aren’t “playing” together quite yet. But the mamas had a great time chatting . . . mainly about our babies and our traumatic stories in getting them. I think we each had a unique and unexpected “delivery” with these 3 blessings. So from left to right we have handsome Lyndon, who came into this world a little early, at 4lbs 7oz. He is now growing to be a big boy. He is just over 10 weeks old. Then big chunk Holden, who you all know. He looks enormous next to these 2 in the picture. And then pretty, little Sophie. What a cute baby girl with a full head of dark hair. I love it! She is just over 5 weeks old. Holden just kept staring at her.
It made for a fun afternoon. Let’s do it again, girls!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday afternoon nap

A little rest for the weary. And of course some male bonding.
Notice the pacifier. Just to sleepy to care that it's missing.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

How's Baby Holden?

I haven’t given much of a Holden update lately. He is just over 12 weeks now. At his 2 month check up, he was actually 10 weeks old. He was 25 inches long and 12lbs. 3oz. In the ALMOST 75th percentile for height and weight. Big boy! And then just this week, I noticed it. He is into his 3-6 month clothes. Well, some of them. You know how they are all sized so differently. It was kind of sad because he zoomed through some of the 0-3 month clothes. You see, he was in newborn FOREVER, because he was sick and not gaining weight properly. Then he had his miracle surgery and gained 4lbs in about 3 weeks. And apparently he has been growing ever since. So now I am trying to SQUEEZE him into those 0-3 month clothes that he has yet to wear. Silly, I know.

He is becoming very vocal. Jeremy is so good at getting him to “talk”. And normally I can hear their “talk” clear across the house. He has learned he can holler and I think he enjoys the sound of his voice. He is just so smiley and responsive and loads of fun.

He is sleeping about 10 hours a night. I think this began during week 10. The sleep has been good for everyone! I have somewhat been following BabyWise but I don’t know that I would really credit that for his sleeping. I mean, we have been pretty consistent with his schedule and so I’m sure that’s helpful. I just don’t see myself being a BabyWise pusher. I will never say “I highly recommend BabyWise.” Maybe because I don’t follow all the rules or because half the time I feel like the book is so unclear and I can’t get a direction. And I am kind of in the mindset that if you want to rock your baby to sleep – then enjoy that time and break him of it when you feel like it. We are not rocking and he normally goes down fine by himself. But we are swaddling STILL. That is a MUST for Holden! See? I am probably breaking the BabyWise rules there. I’m just not 100% dedicated. It’s got some good ideas and it’s helped me figure out a rhythm for our day, but I am sort of . . . indifferent towards it. Just my thoughts. Take em or leave em.

Off the soapbox and back to Holden. He is really likes to stand now. Yeah, he thinks he is a big boy and his eyes light up when you stand him up on your lap. I need to get a picture of that.

We sing our ABC’s every day (among many other songs). I’ll let you know when he decides to join in and sing with me. I keep thinking if he hears it every day then he might be the youngest child ever to sing it, right? Guinness Book of World Records – here we come.

Well, hopefully this didn’t put you to sleep. Just some everyday things that seem to consume Jeremy and I.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

See a trend????

What can I say? When you find a comfortable position, stick with it.

Summer Getaway

We have had a busy 11 days or so. We returned home on Sunday and I think things have finally settled down . . . now . . . on Wednesday. But don’t come check out my house to confirm my statement. I think someone trashed the inside while we were away!!!! (Or we may have done it when we were scurrying around trying to pack for the 11 day adventure.)
We headed to Dallas to see Big Ruz tie the knot. He fell in love with a wonderful girl Susan, who I already adore. They’re a perfect match! And unfortunately I don’t have one blasted picture from the wedding. The camera must have been packed in one of our 17 bags. But Jeremy was in the wedding and it made for a great weekend. We were able to see lots of our good ole’ Hardin-Simmons friends that we don’t get to see often enough.
Then off to San Deigo on Sunday. Mister Holden took his bottle and then slept the entire way there (which included 2 stops!) He was a great traveler. So Jeremy worked most of the week while I got to hang out with Kristy and Aubrey. So much fun! You know San Deigo . . . home of the famous zoo, Sea World, beautiful beaches and much more. Well, we did venture to a couple of beaches. But for the most part I was just able to visit with my friend. Had Holden been maybe even a year older, I would have jumped at the opportunities that San Diego offers. But we opted to just relax and enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, Kristy was up for anything . . . a wonderful hostess I might add. But it was a fun time with great friends and I am so glad that Holden and I were able to tag along.

Here is the 6 of us. Kristy and Jeff are expecting their 2nd little girl on August 8th.

And don't these guys look like long lost friends?

And then on our return to Dallas (Holden did sleep the entire nonstop flight once again) we had a special birthday party to attend for our nephew. Cameron turned 1! And he had a water party. It’s a perk to the July birthday. And most importantly, he thoroughly enjoyed the cake. I present to you the birthday boy. . .

And so we were able to spend some time with my sister, Amy and her family. And back home on Sunday. Recouping. Unpacking. Doing laundry. Holden is getting back into his routine. He was such a trooper through the entire trip.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cali, here we come!

Yesterday Jeremy found out that he might be going to San Diego to work next week. I was a little bummed until he told me that Holden and I could tag along. We have always done some type of summer vacation because my paycheck was always around and available for fun stuff. This summer the paycheck is gone and our savings was depleted for the adoption. Both sacrifices more than worth the cause. So much so, that we plan to adopt again and again and AGAIN (and if it were just up to me . . . possibly again). And I will continue to stay home with the babies, even if that means no Caribbean cruises or jaunts to Mexico for a while. I will settle for San Antone or something less extravagant in the future years. But really, we weren’t planning on going anywhere this summer. Not after Holden arrived. We have our hands full with him and there just wasn’t that yearning in me for a getaway this year. I mean, sure it would have been nice. But a sunny, beachy vacation (always my preferred destinations) didn’t seem all that practical with a newborn. And honestly, a vacation just wasn’t even considered this year. Until yesterday. So I will soon be packing us for sunny San Diego, California. I’ve only been to California once and that was San Fransisco. So this should be a fun little week. Too bad Jeremy will be working during the day. But the best part of this is that one of my college roomies now lives in San Diego with her family. We have been promising for a while that we would come for a visit and so ready or not, here we come. I haven’t seen Kristy in . . . well I actually happened to see her for a BRIEF couple of hours this past December. But it’s not too often that we get 5 day visits. Our hotel is 12 minutes from their home. Pretty convenient. So Holden and I can play with Kristy and Aubrey while Jeff and Jeremy work. And then our families can hang out in the evenings. It should be a lot of fun. And I am squeal-y excited! If you had heard my voicemail to Kristy yesterday, you would know what I mean by squeal-y. I am ready for some wonderful, comfortable and refreshing girlfriend time!

So traveling/flying with a newborn . . . any advice? Now normally when I ask for your input, I get none. No hard feelings. I know I have readers, because you make comments on how cute little Holden is. But when I ask for your thoughts and ideas, I usually end up having to google up some answers. So come on traveling mommies, send some thoughts my way. Otherwise, I will read the airline info and then just wing it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Jeremy is the guru behind this blog facelift. I can't take credit for this cuteness. And he hopes I won't want to change it as often as my hair. No promises there. But I had been complaining for weeks about my boring blog. And finally last night, he sat down and fiddled and here we are. I am very pleased. Thanks babe!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Sweet Boys

Lots of smiles for daddy.

Getting into the SWING of things

Clever title, eh?

He is finally loving his swing. It took him a while. I don’t think he liked be harnessed down. But now he has really taken to it. And he can’t take his eyes of the hoot owls. But I can’t blame him. I find them pretty cute! Thank you again Roger and Candace for the swing. It was a very generous gift and becoming quite the entertainment for Holden.

Today marks 2 months

So here is the 2 month picture. I was trying really, really hard to get a big smile from him in this picture. But it was almost nap time and Holden just wasn’t giving away his smiles as freely.

Wow! The last 2 months have been so amazing. It has been a very sweet time for us as a family. And it seems to continually get better. When I am talking and he is in someone else’s arms, he will follow me with his eyes until it looks like his head is on backwards. I think he has learned his mama and the voice that goes along with it. And you are thinking – of course he has. But I think this was secretly my biggest fear. We missed his first week. Then I finished up at my work for the following 2 weeks. So we really settled in after 3 weeks and I was determined to bond. And that we have done!

He is an easy going baby and pretty predictable, which has been nice. Like clockwork every 3 hours we start the same routine over and over again. He is hungry and so I feed him. Then we read, sing or just talk. And then he plays – normally on his play gym. When I lay him on the gym he still looks at that sunshine like he hasn’t seen that friend in YEARS! After about 20 minutes, he looks at that same sunshine as if she did something horrible to hurt his feelings. And so he is tired. I pick him up and grab the paci. He ooches up and puts his face as far into my neck as it will go. He closes his eyes and begins smacking away on the paci. It’s one of my favorite times that we have. He is so cuddly. And I hope it lasts forever, but I realize that it probably won’t. So I am going to enjoy it for now.

For the record, last week he weighed in at 10lbs. 3oz. which was nice progress since his surgery. They did not measure him, but I did. I think I measured 25 inches. He seems so long and thin right now. And he finally began wearing his 0-3 month clothes last week. I thought he would never grow into them, and many of them are still too big. But I’m sure that will be changing in just a matter of days. He has the cutest outie belly button. I just LOVE outies! Jeremy tells me that I have said this for years . . . which I don’t recall having an abnormal obsession with outies, but apparently I might. You just don’t see them every day. I read like 10% of the population has outies. Yeah, I guess if I researched it then maybe it is a bit of an obsession. Onto other things. . . with each smile, we are seeing a dimple on his right cheek. Wouldn’t you know, I just LOVE dimples! Just 2 little things that make him unique and cuter than ever.

What a difference a little life can make! How it can slow you down and how it makes you WANT to slow down. To savor these days and the sweet moments that are slipping by. Holden is such a gift and we are so grateful that God entrusted him to us.