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Thursday, May 27, 2010

My 9-month boy!

My baby boy turned 9-months yesterday. We are quickly approaching 1 year and that seems unbelievable in some ways. It has been a fun month for this little guy. He has mastered the army crawl and he is quick. His daddy said he looked like a wounded solider those first few weeks of scooting, as he was dominant on one side. But now he is fast and just looks like a brave, little solider. I think he may never crawl on his knees. We see him start to, but it's like he just hasn't figured out how much easier that movement would be. So he huffs and puffs as he drags that heavy, little body around. It's cute. Speaking of heavy, we went to the doctor today for his 9-month appointment. He weighed 22lbs. 11oz (75-90%) and his length was 28.5 (50-75%). Much to my surprise, there were no shots. And he had no shots at 6 months. So I'm beginning to wonder if he's going to get a boatload at 1 year. Eek!
With Paxton's mobility, he and Holden are able to play together. And those moments are some of my favorites during the day. Holden will squat down and hide behind the furniture. Paxton will crawl around to get him. But the smart boy stops and lays his head on the ground to see Holden underneath the furniture. If Paxton could speak, I think he would say, "you maybe faster than me, but you're not smarter." He is a smart, little baby in their version of the games of chase and hide-n-seek. It makes me smile each time they start to play together. I know this part of it will only get better as they grow.Paxton STILL only has 2 teeth. Holden had 8 teeth at this age. So he is still only taking formula and pureed baby food. He gags and cries each time I have him try a puff so I just haven't pushed. He is a good eater for us, so I have no complaints.This month, Pax found his voice. I mean, REALLY found his voice. I thought for so long, he would be my quieter child. Not so. And as he exercises that new found instrument, I might need to get my hearing re-checked. I am NOT kidding! He often leaves my ears ringing with his loud, unbearable squeals. They happen most often when he is locked in his high chair and I am having to tend to Holden also. In other words, those terrible squeals are purposed to get my attention back to him. But wow. The squeals hurt. It's an awful, awful sound. But he also loves to use that voice box for sweet babbles, giggles and making his little noises. Those are sweet sounds that I cherish. The squeals . . . well, my ears could do without them. I assume it's his way of making his presence known and not forgotten.
This boy is pure sweetness. He must get covered in 1,000 kisses a day between the 3 of us. And he just allows it. He kind of has to at this point. He's not quite big enough to fight us off. I can not imagine our family without Pax. I can't fathom it. And I don't even like for my mind to go there. He's been woven into each of our hearts (including Holden's). And life feels richer because he is part of us. Happy 9 months, baby boy! You are a blessing to us all!


The Coopers said...

He is so sweet! I loved getting in my kisses from both the boys last night! I also love seeing some clothes I recognize too. It makes me smile and realize that mine were that little not too long ago! love you and see you tomorrow!

Aubrey said...

I can't believe he's already this big!! What a precious boy!! Your boys are absolutely darling!! Hope you're enjoying TX! We miss you guys!!