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Friday, May 7, 2010

The magic Tangle Teezer!

I mentioned Holden's new hair routine on my last post. And boy, it has been a dream come true. He now loves to have his hair brushed each morning. I used to only pick it out when we left the house because it was normally a fight. But so long, hair battles!
After bringing home Holden 2 years ago (this Sunday!!), I joined a Yahoo group for assistance with AA skin and hair. I read the email posts religously at first and posted questions rarely, but when a question popped up for us. In the last 8 month, I have probably only skimmed the posts 5 times. They are emailed to me several times per week. There just isn't as much time for it anymore and I haven't been searching for any answers. We had our routine (even though painful sometimes) and it seemed to work good enough. Well, randomly a few weeks ago, I read a post and it mentioned Tangle Teezers hairbrush. And the person that wrote the post was singing it's praises on her daughters hair. I googled it and thought we could give it a try, but I wasn't exactly convinced. Holden's has some super tight curls. So just because it works for someone elses' kid, I am normally prepared that it still might not work for Holden. I had to order it from Europe and made the purchase on Ebay. When it came in the mail 2 weeks ago, I pulled out a small (handheld size) plastic looking brush and was skeptical. I paid $20 for that brush and my first thought upon seeing it was that I probably got ripped off. But to my surprise, it has been worth every single penny! Apparently the brush feels good on the scalp and somehow gets through those curls without any tears and pain. I have no idea how it works. It almost seems to be magic! I am not kidding you! It's plain magic! And I am not getting paid for this advertisement. I promise. :) So the new hair routine is as follows: I spray his hair heavily with water and rub through it with my hands to make sure his hair is good and wet. Then I brush through it with the Tangle Teezer. I press forcefully onto his scalp (to get through that thick head of hair) and he makes no fuss AT ALL. I brush in all different directions so that I touch each of the curly tangles. Believe me, Holden will let you know if he's not comfortable with something. But again, no fuss. Then I apply a cream conditioner. We have at least 3 around the house. Sometimes it's Pantene for AA hair. Sometimes it's Dark and Lovely Softening Oil Moisturizer. And I think we have another one . . . can't think of the name. Recently we have been using the Dark and Lovely, smells great and conditions well. It's nothing fancy. Our hair products aren't. And now I know we don't need the fancy stuff because we have this amazing brush. So I apply the cream conditioner and then pick through with a wide tooth comb such as this one, just to poof it up a bit. The brush kind of flattens his hair to his head. So we pick it back out. But there are absolutely NO tangles when we use the pick (due to the previous brushing). So Holden sits contently through his, now 2 minute, hair regimen. Here is a picture of some freshly fixed Holden hair.
A head of nice, soft, poofy little curls. I love his hair! And I do love letting it grow a bit. And now we have that option with the amazing Tangle Teezer. And by the way, the brush is not really advertised for AA hair. It just seems to work for us. So if your child has long, stringy, tangly hair, and a sensitive scalp, this might be your answer as well.
And here she is in all her glory. But our brush is blue. :) (2 views for you)


Molly said...

So glad you found something! I might tell the girls in the playgroup about this post. So far, we haven't had one that we can't get picked (comb for Sadie) through...but after I spray with water I add conditioner before combing through, then add more after to make the curls form again (only Sadie). Make sense?

One silly request...can you post a pic of this magical comb/brush?

Love you!

Melodie said...

yeah, we had literally tried everything. every sequence of application, many products, lots of water, but he still hated the process and would fight us. until the magic brush. i will try and get a picture posted.

Bonky's Mom said...

20 bucks....a happy toddler and well groomed hair----soooo worth it! I'll tuck this info in my brain--we may need it!

adayinthelifeofaross said...

YAY! I just may have to try this! Selah's hair gets tough little tangles and knots in the back where she rubs her head on her mattress/car seat/pretty much everything, so I will have to check this brush out. Thanks :)