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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Summer vacay for my little family is right around the corner. And we can't wait! Jeremy has been working his little tail off and we are ready to relax. All 4 of us. Together for 9 days. No one goes to work. No one cooks. No one cleans. Just some serious family fun time. I can't wait for it to begin. We are headed to The Springs! (As my Colorado sister calls it.) That's Colorado Springs for those still wondering where we're going. And we are driving. It will probably be about 12 hours. Eeek! Luckily I have good little travelers that normally just sleep during extended car rides. And we are going to attempt to drive through the night. The last time we attempted this, we ended up pulling into a sketchy motel in Kansas around 2am. We're just not night drivers. We're night sleepers. But we're going to give it a try. It would be perfect with the boys and then we don't waste any fun daytime driving.

We are going to visit my sister and her fam for a few days. And then we will head to The Springs for some more fun. Holden has been talking about his cousins for a few days now. He calls those 3 little girls Opie (Hope/Hopie), Beh-wuh (Bella) and Ava (which he says correctly). Our last time together, Holden followed Bella around my mom's house all week. She is 16months older than he and they hit it off! She was so good to play with him and share toys with him. And pull him out of mischief when my hands were full with Paxton. Holden will go nuts when he sees these girls! And Paxton can have some baby playtime with cousin Ava. They are only 6 weeks different in age. Little Ava has graciously said that Pax can borrow her crib while we visit. So selfless, that girl! And we have yet to have Pax practice sleeping in his pack-n-play. We seriously have to get on that! Anyways, we love cousins and are excited to see this bunch!

In Colorado Springs we found a great hotel where we were able to get a suite. That way the boys can have a separate space to sleep. That's super so Jeremy and I won't have to call it a day at 7:30pm. During our stay, we plan to visit Focus on the Family. Particularly because it's free and we hear it is absolutely amazing for kids. And my sister mentioned a particular zoo. At first I turned my nose up to that idea thinking, we can go to a zoo here. Well, you see, I was wrong. It is so blasted hot here that we haven't been to the zoo at all this year. I'm a wuss with the heat. Each day that I feel the humidity, this Colorado vacay sounds better and better. So I think the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will be on our list. And then we are also talking about touring the US Air Force Academy because we would love to see Holden flip out. I'm pretty sure he will. He nearly hyperventilates when we drive near the airport and he sees the large planes landing and taking off right over our car. So what else people? Give me some fun ideas for my 2 year old and almost 1 year old. We want to get out and about and do some fun things. And if you have already made some suggestions in person (Erin T) then go ahead and make them again, because I don't remember them. :) We will only have 3 days in The Springs, so with the above, our time might be full. But tell me if there's something you know about that we just shouldn't miss. Or any local restaurants? Remember, I'm not cooking. Now, I better get to packing.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I left my church Bible study about an hour ago feeling refreshed, re-energized, thankful and a little emotional. Just one of those days that I was reminded of my blessings. Rarely do I need reminding. It's constant for me to thank God for my family. These 3 guys in my life are not something I take for granted. But today I was reminded to NOT push through and rush this season. Reminded that I am going to miss this incredible stage when it's gone. And I was reminded that I really am living a fairy tale. Not because it's always easy, but just because it's so full. Entering parenthood didn't come as easy for us as it does for some. But we also didn't waste much time getting there. So I can't say that I struggled for years and years for this desire to come to fruition. But I remember that wilderness time vividly, though short compared to some, and extremely long compared to others. And can I say just how thankful I am for that wilderness! They are not always a delightful walk, but how they can change us . . .well, it's almost indescribable. How God drew me to him. How he taught me to trust. How he provided lessons in listening and obedience. And he called me to pray like never before. And how he sat with me through painful times while he could clearly see the hope in my future. And I was just asked to trust. This being the part I could not see:
Feeling a little sentimental today and extremely blessed. But the blessed part is not unusual for me.

Monday, June 28, 2010

NO hair care required . . .

For Holden, that is. As you can see, Holden got another hair cut. Jeremy cut it tonight. Let me share a story. Several months ago, I was getting the boys out of the car in the Target parking lot. An African-American guy was getting into his car, got back out and handed me a business card. It was for a barber shop. I held onto the card for a while and then ended up throwing it away because Jeremy had been doing just fine with the cuts. I told Jeremy about this a couple of months ago and he wanted to try the place out. So I searched around online and found it. Jeremy specifically wanted an AA person cutting his hair so he could watch and learn. He wanted to learn how to trim around his face, where all his fuzzy baby hairs are. Anyways, I ended up taking both boys a couple of weeks ago while Jeremy was at work. (Pax was not getting a cut, just along for the ride.) All was fine and dandy at first. I had brought a few suckers. The guy put Holden in the chair on a booster. Still, all was fine with Holden. But the guy was very tall and so he started pumping up the seat to make Holden sit higher. And that's when it began going downhill FAST. Holden wouldn't wear the cape, he cried and screamed, reached for me (even though I was right there holding his hands). He was crying "ode jew" over and over again. (That means "hold you". He means to say "hold me." But I love that he says it backwards.) He was throwing an all out fit. I think he was scared of the noise, being up high, the stranger touching his head. All of it! And honestly, Holden doesn't recover from these episodes until the event is over. I had asked the guy to cut it short, but not bald. Then I told him that we wanted it trimmed around the face. He explained that there was no way he could do the trimming with Holden flippin' out on us. He needed a steady head for that. That made sense to me. I was sweating through the whole thing as everyone watched my child freak out. It felt like an eternity and I kept apologizing to the young guy that was cutting his hair. So finally the cut was done. Nothing impressive, but it was completed. My bill was $12 and I paid $15. Which probably wasn't enough of a tip considering the experience. So for the last 2 weeks, I've been telling Jeremy I still wanted it a little shorter. So tonight he had at it. He did 1 swipe over his head with the clippers and I freaked a little. I didn't realize he was going so short. I was thinking something like this. But he kind of balded our boy. Jeremy has assured me that it will have grown some in just 1 short week. But I'm getting used to it now and it's actually kind of growing on me. When his hair is short, he seems all-face. (If that even makes sense.) But I love his little face, so what could I possibly complain about! So mid-summer, we've gone super short! Practically bald. And I'm actually liking it.

mid-cut. no turning back.
final masterpiece!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

10 months today!

Today my little Pax is 10 months old! Good Lord, we're into the 2 digits, which means 1 year is approaching at full speed. It seems like it's gone by a little faster with Pax, than our time with Holden. Maybe just because life has been a little busier and full of changes for our family this time around. But, I have enjoyed every moment. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, I can't imagine life without him. There are countless things I get to experience throughout my day that bring a smile to my face and leave me feeling beyond blessed. With Paxton being very mobile (still army crawling, for the most part), he and Holden spend so much time playing together. They chase, laugh, tickle, play peek-a-boo, or as Holden says "peekie-bo'. They wrestle with daddy and sit together on momma's lap to read books. I will put them in a crib together and they act silly, "get one another" and laugh hysterically. Anytime I pick up Pax, Holden says "pway wiff yim". He wants his little bubba on the floor so they can play together. So this stage has been such a delight. Watching these boys connect in a fun, playful way.
This month, Pax has finally picked up on finger foods. He now loves Puffs and Cheerios. In fact, if I give them to him before his purees, he will not eat his fruits and veggies. So I have to leave the Cheerios for last. I have been trying peas, beans and some other small finger foods, to which he has not warmed up to, quite yet. So I will continue to offer it. He still only has 2 bottom teeth so he just naws his little foods with his gums. I love his almost toothless grin. Paxton is pretty self sufficient with his bottle now. Sometimes we cuddle as I feed him. And sometimes he sits in his high chair and holds it himself.Just in the past week, Pax has started pulling up on anything and everything. Sometimes it's the coffee table and sometimes it's my leg. He loves standing now and trying to walk by holding our hands. Though it's a very awkward attempt at walking right now. But you can see the pride in his smile as he makes an attempt. We are cleaning up our little push walker that has been sitting in the garage so he can start getting some practice. I fear that he will be running in no time. :) But we're ready. Each stage is so fun and I love watching Pax reach a new milestone.
He has also begun climbing a little. I feel like I can officially be referred to as his personal jungle gym. He is constantly climbing all over me, pulling on my clothes, as if he is hanging on for his life. He has also become a little braver in his climbing. Holden never climbed onto the dishwasher, so this was a first for me. I turned my back for 5 seconds as I was unloading the dishwasher and this is what I found when I returned. . .Pax loves to sit on his knees and play. And for whatever reason, to me, it just looks so cute! This little boy still is not a fan of strangers. Many people stop us at the grocery store and other places when we are out and about. They talk to him, play with him and try their hardest to get a reaction. But they normally get a serious look or furrowed brow. He doesn't just hand out smiles to anyone. He has his comfort zone of the people he knows and when he is among those people, we really get to see his sweet and happy personality.

Little Pax is now clapping. It's barely a clap. In fact, it's silent. But he is placing those hands together and mimicing our motion. He is also waving. One of the cutest, little waves I have EVER seen.

We snapped a few 10-month pictures today in some clothes that his birth mother, M, had gotten for him. (We were able to visit with her in Texas a few weeks ago.) And because I couldn't choose just 1 picture from today, here are a few of my faves.

My sweet baby boy, you are a perfect fit to our family! You make my heart so full. Each new stage with you becomes better than the last. You are my blessing. And I love you more than you could even know!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tonka Truck Car Wash

This morning (as Pax took his nap), Holden and I had a Tonka Truck Car Wash. I've been trying to steal some creative play ideas from others. And this was on my list as doable with a 2 year-old. I don't think he really got it. And he was definitely more into splashing in the water, than washing his trucks. But water is fun and he LOVES to see bubbles. So this little activity was a hit with my Holden. And it gave me a headstart on mopping my kitchen floor today. Just an added bonus!

Trucks (plus a tractor and a boat) are lined up and ready to be washed!

Really into that spray bottle. So much so, that he squirted himself in the eye right after this picture. And he found it hilarious.

Washing his trucks. Or better yet, just playing in the soapy water.

Clean as a whistle! Tonka Truck Car Wash = Success!

Where they lay their heads (Part 2 - Paxton's room)

Yes, Paxton did get hand-me-downs. Not because he was a surprise or anything like that. It was what I had always planned. I'm way to practical to use once and throw away. My mom made all of the bedding and curtains for us months before Holden. And I picked out the fabric before we ever knew boy or girl. I wanted something gender neutral and to be used more than once. And after 2 babies, I think it will have gotten plenty of use. But after 16 months, I wasn't ready to part with it and I really wanted to pass it down to Pax. So even though it's hand-me-downs from Holden, I still love it-love it-love it. If you remember Holden's room in Oklahoma . . . well, let's just say it almost identical. Now come inside. But I'm not sure that Pax is very excited about you touring his room. Kind of looks like he is standing guard.

Changing table. Dream sign with his very first outfit purchased by his nana (so NOT a hand-me-down). Hard to believe he was so small! Diaper stacker (also made by mom/nana) hanging from shelf. Sweet initial blocks given by a friend with a newborn picture of Pax.

The Paxton sign that I love! Also a gift from a friend. The rocking chair, that is oh so comfy, but honestly, rarely used.

His bed. He sleeps like a rock in this bed. Put him in a pack-n-play and totally different story. No one in a 5 mile radius sleeps! Vacation is coming and we can't take his bed with us. Should be fun! :)

His dresser, lamp and stuffed animals. On his wall, the only thing that I can claim in the room. And honestly, I stole the idea from a picture online. Laundry hamper and shelf for tiny books. Closet on the right. The end.
And this is where the little man sleeps.

Where they lay their heads (Part 1 - Holden's room)

Since our move into the house, people have asked to see pictures of the boys bedrooms. I had intended to share them but things were just busy, initially. We completed the rooms rather quickly after our move. I just never got around to taking the pictures and posting them. But here we go. Holden says to you all, "Welcome to mi casa." We're teaching him Spanish. Okay, not really.

Around the time of our move, Holden became obssessed with airplanes. And since we were passing all of his babyish bedding, furniture and decor to the little brother, I knew I wanted to redo his room. So we went with his love for airplanes. We found these really cool vinyl ones for his wall.
Found his new little crib on Craigslist and Jeremy drove all of 5 minutes to pick it up. And I had acutally wanted a white crib, just for something different than what he had before. So it was perfect. Found the airplane bedding on for half of that they were charging at Target. Score!
I just wanted to show you 2 of Holden's best buddies. Commonly referred to by him as "Soggy" and "Munttee". He does not sleep without them. The frog was a gift from one of his baby showers. The sock monkey was his adoption finalization gift from us. So special!
I know. The room looks kind of empty. I love that the room is big, but with just a chest of drawers and a crib, it does feel empty. I would like to add something . . . just not sure what. All of his books and toys are right outside his room in the play area. So there just isn't a need for much else. Literally, it's just the place that he sleeps.
His little name, a white shelf that already existed from the previous owners and his chest of drawers. On the chest is his CD player since he listens to music at night. Also a picture frame that says "brothers" with a picture of he and Pax. And his story time Bible that Jeremy reads to him every night before bed.
And the closet. The end. Stay tuned for Paxton's sweet nursery.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Aunt Brandy and cousin Hannah

We had a visit this Saturday afternoon from Jeremy's sister and her daughter. We have now seen Aunt Brandy 3 times in the past week. That has been a nice and uncommon treat. We are still about an hour and a half away from her, but with other things taking place, it has just worked out recently to have several visits. And Holden loves playing with his older cousin, Hannah. Saturday, with the HOT Texas sun beating down, the kids got to splash in the water in the backyard. Fun day with family!

Aunt Brandy and Pax.
Holden dousing himself with water. Silly boy!
Hannah and Holden.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day.

“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove...but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.” ~ Forest E. Witcraft

My little boys love their daddy so much! You will read in Paxton's 10 month post, later this week, just how crazy he is becoming for this man. My little momma's boy might be making a turn towards his daddy these days. Not many people can make Pax's face light up into that beautiful smile. He doesn't give those grins out to just anyone. But Jeremy tops his list. Holden has always been daddy's little shadow. He loves him passionately and talks about him frequently throughout our days. And he lets out a dramatic gasp when our front door opens around 5:00pm. Since daddy's home, it's time for the real fun to begin, I suppose. It has been a special time to see a daddy with his boys. I grew up in a house of girls + dad, so it's been a new blessing to see a different kind of family. A family full of boys. Wrestling. Chasing. Laughing at bodily functions (yes, boys learn it young apparently). Getting dirty outside. Even making bathtime a mess. And I've loved watching Jeremy grow into his role of father. His love for his sons was immediate and whole. It's as whole and complete as love can be. I've seen it from the beginning. And I feel pretty lucky to journey through parenthood with Jeremy as my partner. I couldn't do it without him! And because I couldn't just pick one (or two) . . .

Father's Day 2010:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


After 9 months of being smothered in kisses, he is finally joining in. Sweet, lovable boy!