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Sunday, May 31, 2009

I promised you all a walker

And here we go.

Excuse my baby talk. Can't help it. I just can't! So I mentioned in the video that he walked the length of our house. If you've been in our house, then he went from our bathroom to his bedroom. Let's just say, I think he has the walking thing down. Still unsteady at times, but we are definitely getting there. And I think it is just so cute to watch.

Thanks, friends, for sharing with us in our excitement over all these little milestones. I don't know what I expected with motherhood. But it overwhelms me sometimes, how much I am enjoying this time of my life. Does it get any better than this? I know, I know. Your answer is yes!

Saturday, May 30, 2009 + walking

We have been soaking up the sun in our backyard. Holden is just LOVING his time in the water. I mean, absolutely loves it! I think he could play out there for hours if we allowed it. So we are spending a little time out there, just about every day. A few pictures from today.
cute little belly! love that outie button!

Like the new sun hat? I had to search for one with a chin strap because I knew he wouldn't leave it on otherwise. So I found this little hat at Target today. Not important info to you, I know. But important info is coming. So while in Target, I am looking for the perfect hat. Jeremy and Holden are with me roaming around nearby. We didn't bring the stroller in because it was just a quick stop. But these days Holden sometimes wants to walk holding our hands rather than being carried. Sometimes that's perfectly fine. So I am looking over the hats while Jeremy is walking Holden around behind me. Suddenly Jeremy calls for me. I turn around. And there's my baby walking down the aisle, all by himself and giggling with pride. He walked about 5 yards. It was far!!! Then he came to a stop, lost his balance and sat down. During the walking, Jeremy and I were cheering and clapping and almost screaming. While 2 ladies were looking at us like we were a bit nuts. So Jeremy starts shouting, "He's walking. He's never done this before." I think he shouted it more than once. Daddy was EXCITED and quite proud of his boy! And the ladies got it, they caught our excitement, and cheered along with us. Holden has been taking 3 or 4 steps every now and then. But today he really took off. He did it once more at home this evening, but for the most part he's still crawling. I have to say, I am relieved to know that walking is coming. And no longer will I have to prevent him from scraping up those precious knees on concrete. He just doesn't understand why I don't want him crawling on the concrete. I can't even stand the sound of it, not to mention what it does to those little legs. Kind of a big day at our house. Hopefully I will have a walking video soon. (And yes, I realize that the video will be more for me than you.)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The season of salads.

Isn’t is the season of salads? Pasta salad, fruit salad, green salads. Well, I don’t often post recipes, but I thought this one was worth sharing. My sister shared it with me 2 years ago. So, what’s taken me so long? I do not know! But here she is. I don’t have a name for it, so you can make one up.

1 cucumber
2 roma tomatoes
4 oz. sour cream (I use the light version)
seasoning salt

Chop veggies into bite-sized pieces. Place in bowl and douse in seasoning salt. That’s right douse, because I like things well-seasoned, aka extra salty. Mix in sour cream and viola. So simple, huh? 4 entire ingredients! That's it. And oh-so-good! In fact, so good, that I have eaten this entire salad the past 2 days for lunch. So I have eaten 3 entire vegetables at lunch 2 days this week. Not just 3 servings of veggies, but I have downed an entire cucumber, along with the 2 tomatoes. Sounds a little crazy, maybe. But, just try it and you’ll know why. And don’t judge since I ate it all. I might as well, because the J-man doesn’t touch sour cream. It’s white, creamy and he’s a texture freak. So there’s you something new to try this summer.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

H2O Obsessed!

I have recently come to realize that Holden just absolutely loves the water. I always knew that he loved taking a bath, but I am thrilled to know that it is any sort of body of water that excites him. Since it has finally warmed up outside, Holden has gotten to play in his little baby pool a few times. And today we finally brought out the water table that we bought him for his birthday. He just can’t get enough of playing and splashing in the water. The temperature doesn’t matter. If it seems a little cold, he will quiver his lips and continue to splash and splash. I love that he enjoys the water. I do myself. In fact, I spent many a summers finding jobs to be in the water – teaching swim lessons, life guarding, etc. Here are a few pictures from today of Holden and his new obsession. Should make for a fun summer! This is the excited face. Imagine along with that face, a hyperventilating-type noise.
Playtime with daddy.

Nothing like a cold drink of water to beat the heat!

Pure excitement! I'm telling you, the boy can't get enough of this type of fun.

Friday, May 22, 2009


On Monday, Jeremy headed in one direction (Albuquerque, NM) and I headed in another (good ole Texas). I spent the first night at my sister’s house. There Holden was able to play with his cousins Carson and Cameron. We were also able to see one of Carson’s tee-ball games – which was pretty exciting. His dad, my brother-in-law, is one of the team coaches. Such a patient guy and just the perfect one to be coaching those little boys. It was fun to see Carson play, and I think just as enjoyable to watch Daniel “coach”. He’s a great dad and I hope he knows that it is noticed by others. So a little praise for Daniel, just because I think he deserves it! Cameron and Holden are about 10 months apart in age. I foresee fun, mischievous days together in their futures. We have the privilege of getting Cameron's hand me down clothes. What a blessing! Just this week we were given 2 boxes of fall clothing! Thanks again, guys. Something tells me that we may let them keep the cowboy gear. :) But so cute on Cameron. On Tuesday, we got back on the road and drove to my parents. There we spent a little time with Poppa J. And sweet Nana. And we even got to go and pay a visit to my meme. I think getting to see mister Holden may have brightened her day a bit. To top it all off, we finally got to meet Holden’s new friend, Cason. My dear friend and old college roommate Sarah had Cason 6 months ago. It was good to finally meet the sweet boy! At my parents house we relaxed a bit. Holden got to swing on the tire swing, play in the baby pool and just get a little more spoiled by Papa J and Nana.

He was a great little traveler and slept almost the entire 4 hour drive back home. Yes, I took this picture while speeding down I-35. Notice in the background the semi I’m passing. Don’t worry, we made it home all in one piece. And now we are enjoying an extra long weekend with Jeremy. Holden squealed with excitement and couldn’t get into his arms fast enough when Jeremy met us at the door.
As you can see we had much to keep us busy while Jeremy was away for work! It was a full and fun week, but we are glad to be back in our home.

One year check-up.

Last Monday we went to Holden’s one year check-up and also had to get those mean ole shots. So at one year, our boy is weighing in at 23lbs 10oz(50-75%) and 31inches long (75-90%). Long and lean, but one tough machine! The nurse held down his solid little legs, while I held his hands and upper body still for the vaccinations. After finishing the injections, she commented (while out of breath) how strong the boy was. I already know this. He has attempted on several occasions to buck and wiggle right out of my arms. He is one of the reasons that I work out. I have to stay stronger than him (for now at least). He now has 13 teeth with more molars trying to barge there way through as I type this. And that is the physical status of our growing boy.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Different kind of date night & Daddy and Holden

Jeremy and I definitely get in our ruts with dates. Dinner, movie (normally dollar movies since I don’t even like movies that much) and occasionally something different if there is something new in town. But for the most part, our dates lack creativity. But let me say that last night was so much fun. The weather was finally perfect to be outside. No rain, no storms and no sudden temperature drops. So we left Holden with our friends and took our bikes to the lake. Two years ago we did this almost every Saturday morning during the nice weather seasons. So it had been at least that long since I had even sat on my bike. And boy-oh-boy! Is my hiney feeling it today! But we did our little 9 mile lap. Jeremy was sweet to let me lead. If he had led, he would have been waiting at the truck for me for at least 15 minutes. He’s a bit faster than me. And that would have been perfectly fine so I kept telling him to go on ahead. I didn’t expect him to stay back with me. I want it to be just as beneficial for him. But I guess that wouldn’t have been much a “date” and so he was kind and hung back. But I think it was the best date we have had in a long time. I would much rather be moving and doing something than sitting and watching a movie . . . or sitting and doing anything for that matter. Here are a few pictures from our fancy date.
On another note, Holden has become EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA attached to his daddy lately. Jeremy loves it! And I love it! Though sometimes it makes me a tad bit sad. When we got home last night we were about to go through Holden’s little bedtime routine. Jeremy brought him inside but then had to go back out to unload the bikes out of the truck. So when he handed Holden over to me he began to cry. And he just cried and cried and cried. He cried until Jeremy came back inside. Wait! He actually didn’t stop crying until he was back in Jeremy’s arms. He was excessively tired and has some bloody gums with a molar breaking through. He is normally not hard to console. But last night, mommy just couldn’t do it. It was only daddy that he wanted. Jeremy was out of town the week before last for work. Wondering if this new attachment has something to do with that? But what’s really sad, is that Jeremy leaves again tomorrow for the week. Fortunately for me, Holden and I are headed to Texas. We will spend some time with my sister and her family and some time with my parents. I am hopeful that Holden’s cousins and Nana and Poppa J will be a good distraction with daddy away. Anyone else familiar with this daddy attachment? I am his best friend in the world until daddy’s home. Then it’s like I’m chopped liver. And speaking of those molars coming through . . . they had been huge and swollen for at least 5 weeks. And now they have finally broken through the gums. Is it always such a process or is Holden just a difficult teether?
Since I have been talking about Holden and his daddy, I wanted to leave you with a picture of my 2 sweet boys. And since I don't have a super recent one, I am going way back . . . to last May.
Oh my you forget how little those babies come!

Friday, May 15, 2009

i like it.

first wagon ride

with none other than his BFF, Lyndon
enjoying a nice, cold one together

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

What a wonderful day it was this year! We were able to participate in our first Home Commitment at our church yesterday. And it was such a blessing. There were 14 other families participating along with us. Our church commits to support us in raising our child and helping to point them towards Christ. Unbeknownst to me, my dad had emailed our pastor on Saturday and shared a little snippet of our journey. So during the dedication, our pastor starts talking about the specific prayers that had been answered with the arrival of Holden. Things he wouldn't have known, had my dad not chose to share. And so that was also a blessing. My mom, sister and nieces were able to be here for the service.
After church we had a great lunch at Charlestons. Later mom, Amanda and the girls headed to Texas and we spent the remainder of the day relaxing. And let me tell you how sweet my Holden is! He purchased me a gift card at a nearby spa so I can go and get a massage. This was a complete surprise to me! I think he hears me complain about the knots in my back from lugging around that big ole boy. Isn't he thoughtful!

A visit from the Colorado sister

I have 2 sisters and they are both my older sisters. So sometimes I refer to them (to those that don’t know them) as my Texas sister and my Colorado sister. Well, this weekend we had a visit from my Colorado sister and her sweet girls. They are: Amanda (the sister) and Hope and Bella (the nieces). Hope and Bella are getting prepared to be big sisters. Hope for the second time and Bella for the first. Amanda and Loren (the bro-in-law) have started the process to adopt their third little one. And we are so excited. Bella really has no interest in a younger sibling at this point. But Hope is pumped! I think she is ready to be the boss of somebody new. So she couldn’t get enough of Holden. Lugging around his 25 pound body, wanting to hold him, feed him a bottle. We even let her “babysit” one night while we played a game at the kitchen table. Nana paid her a dollar. We had a fun visit. Thanks for stopping by on your way to Texas.
Hope cuddling Holden before naptime. She's a beauty!
Amanda and Hope
And the only picture I have of sweet miss Bella.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A New View for Holden

Things have been so busy over the past couple of weeks. I should say that really Jeremy has been so busy. With overtime at work and traveling and Holden's birthday party and lots of company . . . So finally last night Jeremy turned around the car seat. The car seat stuff is always quite an ordeal, so I leave it for Jeremy to figure out. After making all of the adjustments, we decided to take Holden for a ride to check out his new view. I think he is going to like the new seating arrangements. And I love that I can grab those toes and make him laugh.

Spring has sprung!

Jeremy traveled to Atlanta for work last week. But nana stayed with us to keep us company. We missed Jeremy for those long 5 days, but it was nice to have my mom around. I think Oklahoma had finally decided that it was time for spring. So the times when it wasn’t raining, we enjoyed some time outside. We tried out the new pool on Friday after Jeremy had made it back home. Jeremy even warmed up the water for Holden since it's not really "pool" weather. Holden loved splashing around and playing with his tug boat.Another bonus of this warm weather was sporting some new shortie pajamas! So cute!

1st boo boo

Holden busted his lip. We even saw a little blood. He was crawling (ever so fast because that's his style) with his tiny blanket in hand. Arm slipped because that's what happens with a blanket on wood floors, face hit the floor, and this was the result. No worries, swelling was down by the morning. I'm sure it's the first of many boo boo's ahead.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Still reflecting back . . .

This day last year is the day we met our boy. Within minutes of meeting, we quickly learned that we would be taking him home the very next day to be his forever family. My heart had started loving him 2 days prior when we learned about his existence and we had begun to pray. I just knew that he would be ours, despite Jeremy's warnings to not get all excited. But the moment my eyes actually saw him, my heart melted. I just knew he was our son. And so I am just remembering those special moments today.
(so teeny tiny!!)