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Monday, May 3, 2010

30 Day Shred - Day 1

Ok. Accoutability here. I'm starting it today. So I begged for this video for my birthday and the sweet husband got it for me.
Friends Amber and Amy had told me about it. The scoop they gave me was less than 30 minutes, a pretty intense workout with intervals of cardio, strength training and abs. The 30 minute part is what grabbed me. Because honestly folks, that's about all I have time for these days. And after doing a little research online, I've learned that if you're going to really do the program for 30 days, you take 2 days off from the video. On one of those days you do some sort of cardio. So that's 6 weeks people, not actually 30 straight days. There are 3 levels on the video. 3 different exercise programs. So the first 10 days you are on Level 1, the next 10 are Level 2 and the last 10 are Level 3. So that's my plan. I have been doing the video often. Meaning, several days per week. But if things get hectic or busy, I skip it. Which means I skip exercise all together. Not good. And I have yet to venture past Level 1. Now, I used to be an avid gym-goer. I used to work in gyms, but that feels like a lifetime ago. But today, in this season of my life, I am relying on videos and some outdoor running. Now, my plan is not to stop after 30 days. But I would like to note the results after 30 days. Just test what it claims and hopefully gain some physical benefits in the process. I will not, repeat NOT, be posting before and after pics. Because honestly, you don't really want to see those. So when the boys go to bed tonight, I will be sweating with Jillian. Is anyone with me? Run out and buy it NOW and let's do this thing together!


Daysha said...

Go for it girl!! I've asked for it!!! Keep us up to date!!

Lindsey said...

I'm horrible, so don't listen to me. I never exercise. But, my first and honest reaction is, why would ANYONE want to do anything to their body that involves the word "shred?" It's so unappealing to me. LOL

All the best to you, Melodie. You're a better woman than I in every way.

Emily said...

i have this video and LOVE it. i mean, love and hate it. kicks your butt but in the best possible way. :) and you can totally tell a difference!

-Emily Greer (I sneak read your blog and love it!)

MacKinnon Madness said...

I made it to day 12 and quit. (I missed one day so I did 2 workouts one night) I thought you were suppossed to do it everyday, so you're little insight was very helpful! I got burned out on it! One thing that 30DS did was it increased my endurance to run again. I can't say I'm enjoying running like I was, but I can at least do it with out running out of breath. I've started getting up at 6am to go run. Oh, on another note, for some reason, I think level 2 on 30DS is much easier than level 1.... Keep up the good work!!!!