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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

What a wonderful day it was this year! We were able to participate in our first Home Commitment at our church yesterday. And it was such a blessing. There were 14 other families participating along with us. Our church commits to support us in raising our child and helping to point them towards Christ. Unbeknownst to me, my dad had emailed our pastor on Saturday and shared a little snippet of our journey. So during the dedication, our pastor starts talking about the specific prayers that had been answered with the arrival of Holden. Things he wouldn't have known, had my dad not chose to share. And so that was also a blessing. My mom, sister and nieces were able to be here for the service.
After church we had a great lunch at Charlestons. Later mom, Amanda and the girls headed to Texas and we spent the remainder of the day relaxing. And let me tell you how sweet my Holden is! He purchased me a gift card at a nearby spa so I can go and get a massage. This was a complete surprise to me! I think he hears me complain about the knots in my back from lugging around that big ole boy. Isn't he thoughtful!


Molly said...

Love that new picture of the 3 of you!

What a wonderful Mother's Day to be able to stand before your church and promise to raise Holden to know the Lord.

I am blessed to know you Melodie (and my future son-in-law too)!

Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

Sounds like an amazing Mother's Day!

Do you go to Council Rd. Baptist?? I think I remember Molly telling me she knew a couple there that had adopted...must have been you! Small world!

And, your sister knows my best friend - right? Craziness.

Your little family is too cute for words!

The Myers said...

Yea! Happy Mother's Day! And glad to hear that the Dedication went well. So special. Love y'all.

HaleyP said...

Melodie! I would love to send you a guitar tee for Holden for FREE, if you tell about it on your blog! Blogs seem to be the best advertisement! Let me know what you think...and size and color palette you would like for the shirt and guitar.

Matt and Shara said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!! Wasn't that the best day ever?! :) Holden looks smashing in his sweater vest and pants - TOO cute!