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Sunday, May 23, 2010

the "good" fat.

This weekend Paxton had his first taste of avocado. I split one in half, and put half on my sandwhich and mashed the other half for him. I sure would like someone in this household to share avocados with me. Because you can have too much of the good fat, right?! If you knew how much guacamole I could eat, you would agree with me! Unfortunately, like his brother and daddy, he was not a fan on this first go around. We'll keep trying. He did eat all that I offered, but he sure wasn't eager about it. And he kind of made his skeptical face with each bite that he took. But everybody needs some good fat in their diet.

Even this little chub.

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The Skains Family said...

Aww, I would split an avocado with you! I'm the only one in my house too. I have tried and tried to get the girls to like them, but no such luck. Paxton is just such a cutie. Aubrey still talks about him and says "that little baby Paxton was so cute." Not much about Holden though. But don't break that sad news to Holden though. We'll hold out for any reciprication of feelings!