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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Choo Choo, Holden is 2!!

Saturday was the big day. Our Holden turned 2! Wow. I can't believe I have a little 2 year old. But he is definitely 2, in every way possible (if you get my drift). Holden woke up a little early on Saturday (7am). Paxton is normally the first little voice we hear in the mornings. But not on Saturday, is was Holden. Maybe he knew it was his special day. Jeremy and I hurried ourselves upstairs and got to be the first to sing him Happy Birthday. And it brought some joful tears to my eyes when he sang along with us. He had a huge smile on his face as he sang "birthday to you, birthday to you, birthday to you." It was a sweet little moment for the 3 of us. We started our breakfast with orange sweet rolls. Yeah, the ones from the can. I went all out. :) We had a low-key day and then the big celebration began at 4:30. Holden had 1 bubba, 3 little friends, 3 cousins, and lots of family come to his party to celebrate turning 2. It was a fun afternoon. His friends and family were so sweet and got him some fun new toys and cute new duds. And we have already begun playing with all his new things.

Paxton is ready to partaaay! Too bad he actually slept through the first half of it.
Cousin Hannah and the boys. Jeremy's sweet sister and daughter, Hannah drove an hour each way to see us for about 45 minutes. Hannah had a busy day of softball, but they didn't want to completely miss the party. Brandy, I know it made for a crazy Saturday. Thanks so much for coming this way! We love you! A family picture. And yes, this was the best that we could do. Our little birthday boy!The birthday mass chaos. Isn't it funny how the little ones get as close as possible to check out the opening of the presents.
and time for a little cake.
I tried something new this time and did a rainbow cake. You can find directions here. I didn't do the soda version, just a my regular recipe.

Holden seemed to enjoy his cake and icecream.

And a few pictures of our sweet friends and family that celebrated with us!

Amanda and Camryn
Oklahoma BFF, Lyndon. The farthest travelers for our Holden, for sure. Thanks for coming Behymer family!
Cousin Cameron. He is 10 months older and they should make quite the duo in years to come.

Holden as a newborn, age 1 and now age 2.

I will be doing a post soon all about Holden and who he is at age 2. He is talking up a storm and surprising me each day with his knowledge. There is so much to share and hopefully I can condense it into 1 post very soon!

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Kaitlin said...

Happy Birthday, Holden! It looks like he had a good Birthday Party, and you did a fabulous job on his cake! I would love your recipe for the cake, plus for your frosting, it looks yummy!