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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Holden's Brithday Eve!

Friday was an eventful day. It was Jeremy's Friday off (he gets every other - such a blessing!). I had been planning a choo choo train theme for Holden's birthday since it is quite the obsession for him right now. So I found a little miniature train in the area where we could go for a family ride. So we made plans to spend the morning playing, take a good long nap, go for our train ride, have dinner out with Nana and Poppa J and then sleep well for a big birthday party on Saturday. And that is exactly what we did. We went to the neighborhood playground Friday morning and the boys got to play. Paxton had his first little swing and he LOVED it. He thought he was a big boy!
I loved seeing my boys swinging side by side and grinning at each other. After a good time at the playground, we walked back home for Paxton to nap. At home, Holden was a "yelper" and helped his daddy trim the bushes in the backyard. They had gotten out of control. We had a little lunch and a good long nap. Then off to the miniature train. We had been talking about this for days. And on our little drive it seemed as though we passed at least 7 trains. Holden probably was confused as to why we weren't stopping to hop on board. He was definitely pointing each one out to us, in case we had missed seeing it. But we finally arrived at the depot. And what a fun little treat. For less than $10 ($7.50 to be exact) our family enjoyed a 45 minute train ride through a beautiful area filled with trees. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather, when rain had been predicted all week long.

Then Nana and Poppa J met us at Kincaid's for some delicious burgers. Holden ran to greet them when they walked through those doors as they are some of his favorite people. After dinner we all headed to our house for a little rest for the big day ahead. The boys went to bed and mom helped me to prepare for the party.
But don't think that I have forgotten the significance of the last day of April. I think it will always hold special meaning to me and be a reminder of God's faithfulness. I blogged about it in detail here last year. But late Friday night, as I wrapped Holden's gifts, I got a tad emotional talking to mom. And reminding myself that as I wept and prayed and questioned God on this night 2 years ago, sweet K was probably experiencing contractions with my baby boy. It's always a humble reminder to see how God carries us through tough times and then blesses our socks off. My precious Holden, God COMPLETELY blessed my socks off when he allowed me to be your momma! You are my dream come true!


Phyllis said...

Holden is such a sweet boy! He gave me so many kisses yesterday. He is blessed to have you guys as parents! God is good ALL the time!

The Bradts said...

I completely cried when I read that. You are such a great woman, friend, and most importantly mother. Happy Birthday Holden!!!