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Sunday, May 16, 2010

big boy and sicky boy.

Paxton is following in his big brother's footsteps. Many babies stay in their little infant carrier their entire first year. But not my boys. Pax had to go to the doctor last week. Sinus infection. Ugh! But when they placed him on the scale, I realized he was outweighing his infant carrier limit (which is 22lbs). I knew he was getting close but didn't realize he had exceeded it. So we ordered a new carseat online for Holden and now another hand-me-down for baby Pax. So Jeremy got him all fitted for his new ride today. Doesn't he look safe, snug and happy?! Of course, he will still be turned backwards for a while, we just had to upgrade him to a bigger seat.
Speaking of the big brother . . . Holden woke from his nap yesterday with 104.6 fever. Whoa! This kid rarely gets sick. An occasional winter cold and allergies, but I don't ever remember a fever this high. Other than a lack of appetite, he's acting like his normal and playful self. With tylenol, we've managed to keep the fever below 102 today. I've been noticing a little cough, so we might be headed to the doctor tomorrow. And I'm a little sad that he is going to miss his very last day of Mother's Day Out. Tomorrow is only a half day: 9:15-12:00 but I don't want to spread the germs if he's carrying them. But I wanted to get his picture taken with his teachers. My goodness, they love him! And he loves going to school. And he's learned so much! And I'm pretty sure that Holden would be so sad if he could really comprehend that he is going to miss his last day and probably never see those friends again. I'm going to miss that place this summer. And I'm not really sure if we'll have groceries in the pantry this summer. Wonder how the hubs would feel if I started ordering them online?! Hmmm? Good thought. Anyways, I said Holden didn't have much of an appetite. He doesn't. Unless I pull out some sugar. My friend Amanda made this pie for us a few years back and it was a hit with Jeremy. He's not much into sweets. I don't know what's wrong with him! But this little, easy pie is requested at my house often. But it has to be spring/summer for me to make it. So today was the first Lemonade Pie of 2010. 4 ingredients people. 1) 8oz cool whip, 2) sweetened condensed milk, 3) 8oz frozen lemonade concentrate (dethawed). Beat well and pour into 4) graham cracker crust. Refridgerate several hours and serve. Easy as pie. :) And delicious.


The Nanny Family said...

What a Big Boy! How exciting!We've got the Britax Marathon now and she's still rear facing at 25 months!
On the other note, isn't it crazy how sick kids are still so happy and energetic sometimes? 104 would have me out for days! lol

The Skains Family said...

Hey, I make that same pie all the time. It was my mother in laws recipe, and we call in Lemon Ice Box. Funny!