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Sunday, September 23, 2012


We recently enrolled Holden for a season of soccer. We were told about this great organization that doesn't eat up all of your time. So the kids have soccer practice just 30 minutes before their Saturday morning games.  It's perfect for us! It's just about an hour per week for Holden to have fun and play a sport. When Jeremy signed Holden up online he checked a box that he would be willing to assist in coaching if there was a need. Well, guess what? Daddy is now one of the coaches. I guess that when you check the box that you are willing, you're probably going to be asked. It should be a fun season for Holden and Jeremy. Yesterday was their first practice and scrimage. It was fun to watch the cute little 3 and 4 year olds run all over the soccer field. I think our team scored 2 or 3 goals, which completely impressed me. Must have been the stellar coaching. ;)  And honestly, I don't know which team even won. I don't necessarily care. My little boy had fun running all over the field. Not necessarily paying attention to the soccer ball or the game. But he loved the running.  Holden is pretty coordinated. He always has been. And during the warm-up practice drills, he looked so good dribbling the soccer ball. But during the game, he just wanted to run with the other teammates. I don't think he ever kicked the soccer ball after the practice drills were over. We'll have to work on the other stuff this week. But at least he had fun!  A few pictures from our first Saturday of soccer. More to come...

Monday, September 17, 2012

the boy who ate everything

Pax is a great eater. He's not too picky. There are only a few things that he really dislikes to eat.  Tomatoes and....well, maybe there's just one thing. I honestly can't think of much of anything else that he refuses.  So I don't know why tonight surprised me. He had eaten his turkey burger and was working on some raw veggies and sweet potato fries. He noticed some large fresh spinach leaves on my plate and he said "I want some sah-wed" as if I was holding out on him by originally not offering it. Well, I'm not one to deprive my kids of extra veggies! I took 2 large leaves and tore them smaller and set them on his plate. No dressing, no dip, yet he immediately started chowing down. I have a feeling this isn't very common for 3 year olds. My little fellow veggie lover! It sure makes my heart happy!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

More summer fun

I haven't been very good to blog each and every event, like I used to. So I'm just posting some pictues and a second and final summer recap of 2012.

We took a short weekend trip to Kansas City to visit some friends. It was kind of a cool city, though we didn't have a whole lot of time to see much of it.
The boys got to have their first Lego Land experience while we were there.
Pax's birthmother and family came for a visit a couple of weeks before his birthday. He wracked up on the gifts, once again. :)
Our days with friends at the water park came to an end. The kiddos all enjoyed Dippin' Dots on our last day!  By the way, I had NEVER ever tasted Dippin' Dots until this very day. Isn't that weird!?
Pax had his first professional haircut. Can you tell he's excited? His was a much different reaction than what Holden had at his first haircut with a stranger. Since that time, when Holden completely freaked out, Jeremy has done all haircuts at home.
The Myers came to our house and spent part of Labor Day weekend with us. It was so so so much fun. The boys love sweet Camryn and Reid. It's fun to watch their relationships blossom, especially with a family that is so special to us. I didn't take many pictures but here are a few of the kids playing outside in the water and on the new slip and slide.
Summer is officially over for us. Though I'm pretty sure it's gone into the triple digits more than once this week. I'm hoping those hot days will soon be behind us. I washed some of the boys fall clothes today, hoping I could wish the new season upon us. The boys and I are starting to get settled into a new routine these days. Bible Study on Wednesday mornings, their school day on Thursdays and other preschool things at home on the other days, with me as the teacher. We are definitely experimenting and trying some things out right now. Routine is good. I welcome it.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Day of School!

This past Thursday, the boys headed back to their Mother's Day Out program. Surprisingly to me, Holden was feeling a little anxious and Pax was indifferent to the whole event. Not indifferent, I guess. He was happy to be there. In fact, he walked right into his classroom, began playing and never looked back at the door for me. I like drop offs like those. On the otherhand, Holden just made this face with gritted teeth and furrowed brows as we stood outside his classroom. He was letting me know he was not so sure about this first day. But he walked in by himself, saw some kids playing with trains and immediately sat down, grabbed a train and joined the playtime. :) I've learned over time that my oldest has a little struggle with changes in his routine. But once the change is made, he tends to adapt quickly to it. He's just not always excited about the actual change. The boys are in the same church program as last year, which Holden quickly fell in love with. But this year, it's new teachers for him and several new faces in his classroom. There were also a few familiar faces in both of the boys classrooms, which made me happy. One quick picture before we left home for their first day.
After picking them both up, they had both decided that it was a very fun day. I'm grateful to have just one day a week of quiet and grocery shopping (alone) and other errands (alone) and a little selfish time. My introverted self really appreciates Thursdays. That one day a week makes a big difference for me. And it's a huge bonus that my boys tend to love their day at school just as much as I do.