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Monday, November 21, 2016

Fall Update

It's been a pretty steady September/October/November over here. Our school schedule is a little more busy this year. We are not just sitting at home doing school any longer. The boys participate in a PE class 2 days a week and piano lessons 1 day a week. We are regulars at the library each week. And we still love our Wednesday homeschool co-op. And as I've mentioned, Abe is in Mother's Day Out on Thursdays. So we're in the car and on the go more this year than any years past. And there are some pieces of that schedule that I like. I like that our extras can be done during the day and not take up family time in the evenings. I love that there are three days of the week where the boys get an organized gym time (our 2 PE days + gym games at our co-op). The physical activity and time with friends is a highlight for them. But I definitely feel like we are busier and I'm just not used to that feeling. But the good thing is that I can evaluate and change things as I go. In fact, this month I pulled them out of the PE class. We pay for it monthly, so I can always pull out for a month and see how it feels and if I want to head back into it in December, then we will do that. But here are some of our highlights from September and most of  October.
 Cute Pax lost a tooth.
 And then the neighboring tooth soon followed. I love this look! He's never been cuter.
 Playing with the train tracks on the floor. I love it when they all peacefully play together. On this night, Jeremy was out of town. I was folding laundry next to them while playing some worship music. I needed this night of peaceful playtime between them all. I snapped some pictures to capture a sweet moment that God had provided, during a week that already felt harder since my other half was away.
Fun at the car wash. This boy LOVES to go to the car wash.
 Holden loves to tinker on the piano. Both boys had a recital last week. One was not bothered by the idea. And the other often told us daily in the weeks leading up to it that he WOULD NOT be playing at his recital. He was mortified at the thought of playing in front of other people and the thought that he might make a mistake. It was too much for him to even think about. :) Eventually he memorized his piece and sucked it up and played at the recital.
 My sweet Abe. You know, he can be a stinker. But when it comes to entertaining himself and playing quietly when we do school stuff, he is pretty amazing.
 While Abe napped one afternoon I made the baddest fort I've ever made. :) (Bad meaning good, obviously.) And they stayed in it to read for over an hour! What is it about forts!?? 
 And we all LOVE Battleship!
 Ready for PE.
Some friends from PE. Tall kid just turned 14. Crazy.
 One Thursday night our family ATTEMPTED a camping trip.
 It was terrible. It rained and rained and rained on us. We ended up trashing our tent right there at the campgrounds. Jeremy and I have gone camping 3 times in our 14 years of marriage. Twice have been disastrous.
 These two buddies love to play dress up! They are the best playmates together.
We completed another season of sports.
Soccer for Holden and flag football for Pax. It's always fun to watch them do their thing.
 This guy read books during the games or played with other younger siblings from the teams. And if that didn't satisfy him, then he whined. And whined and whined. Just being honest.
Business as usual over here, which includes some science. We are studying the human body this year. Holden chose our science and PHEW is it a DOOZY! Said the girl that was tutored through A&P to the safety of a C. I needed that class for my major, but oh my it kicked my tail. And so is this Elementary class. But they are learning some of it, all at an age appropriate level. We may just need to hit it again in 6th grade.
Sometimes I get a hair brained idea that three young boys with small carts is a good idea in the grocery store. One boy had to return his cart to the entrance of the store before the shopping trip was over. But he might be the next contestant on Supermarket Sweep...and if he is I will cheer him on running through the aisles. Just not at our local Kroger, please.
And then this sweet one went into glasses. He was NOT excited about it. And he was pretty self conscious the first two weeks wearing them. He still gets compliments on his new look regularly. He was adorable before glasses and the I think the glasses just kicked it up a notch. But I don't think he's totally sure what to do with all the compliments. By that, I mean that sometimes he just doesn't even acknowledge that the person has spoken to him. We are working on that constantly. But I think he questions if they are genuine. You've got to be genuine with this guy. He'll totally see through it if you are not.
But on this day, I remember what happened. Pax got in the car wearing his new glasses from the store. He looked at Holden (who was the kid that was bummed that he didn't get glasses with his 20/20 vision), and he said, "Holden, do you like them?" He didn't care about mommy gushing over them, or the ladies in the eyeglass store. He wanted his best friend's opinion. And Holden's excited face said it all. He said, "Yes! Can I try them on?!!" Then I asked to get a picture of Pax to text to Jeremy and Holden wanted to join him in the photo. These sweet brothers! I'm so thankful they have each other.  As different as they are, they are the best of friends.
 We couldn't let October sneak by without a trip to the pumpkin patch.
 We went with Holden's buddy from church and the rest of his family.
Abe's face on the tractor...I think he was sad because he couldn't drive it.
This guy is always my helper in the kitchen. He loves to help cook and bake and prep food for meals! This particular day we were making flourless chocolate pumpkin bars. And he pretty much made them all by himself. They were amazing. Here is a link to the recipe. They do not taste like a healthy dessert...they really are good!
And I talk about Pax reading all the time. Which he does read several hours each day. But Holden loves books too. A good, healthy, normal amount. :) I love to see my boys with their noses in books. If I didn't have a million other things to do, I might spend hours a day reading as well.
Halloween, the piano recital, our 14th anniversary, Thanksgiving and other fall activities will follow soon...stay tuned.