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Friday, June 26, 2009

Kaleidoscope Kids!!!

Yesterday evening we met with our little playgroup. We met at a spray ground and it was HOT!!! Even after 5pm it was HOT! Holden loved the water spraying out everywhere. He also loved running away from the spray ground to the parking lot, so Jeremy and I did a bit of chasing. Life was so much easier before he was walking. Holden got to play with a new little friend, whom we'll call Baby M until her adoption is finalized. Then we also got to see the regulars: Sadie, Cooper and Owen. It was a small group yesterday evening, but nonetheless, I'm loving meeting these new families each month. I forgot my camera, which was really sad. So I just hijacked some pictures from Molly's blog. Holden with the ladies.
Holden puts the moves on Sadie. Sweet kisses. This boy is pretty affectionate. Wild, crazy, loud and busy; but also affectionate.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Long and Lean?

We often get comments that Holden is LONG AND LEAN. Friends, strangers, doctors, nurses. And for the most part, he is. He has always been average to above-average in weight and well above-average in length. And he normally looks like a solid, little, muscle man. But Jeremy and I saw something new last night. We both noticed it at the same time. It was his big ole belly. He tends to get rounder and then stretch out long when he hits a growth spurt. I assume it's the way most kids grow. So at this point, I think he is becoming rounder. Maybe preparing to add a couple of more inches to his height.
Look at that BELLY! I love it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

His 2nd Father's Day.

Today was Jeremy 2nd Father's Day. You may remember that last year on Father's Day we were here. We were supposed to be dedicating our sweet little boy at church, but instead he was recovering from surgery. So this year was so much different and so much better. We had a healthy and ACTIVE little boy to celebrate his daddy and shower him with love! After church we went to lunch at Primo's, where I believe Holden enjoyed almost an entire loaf of bread. Ahhhh . . . Primo's bread. Who can blame him for that? And Jeremy enjoyed whatever was left of it. Then we just relaxed at the house. Not too exciting, I know. I tried to talk Jeremy into a game of golf or going to the pool. But we stayed home and that was fine. A low key celebration.

Jeremy, I have loved watching you learn your new role as daddy over the past year. And I have to say that you are a fabulous one! You are constantly putting us first and yourself second, which sometimes means you get whatever is left. :( And that makes me a little sad for you at times. But you are selfless and I have seen this to be even more accurate with the addition of Holden. You take your role as father seriously and that has been an answer to my prayers. Some of my favorite moments are watching you read from Holden's Bible and pray with him each and every night. And I love the times, like this afternoon, where you make that boy laugh and cackle like no one else can. He adores you! I adore you! You are the love of my life and Holden and I are grateful for each moment we get with you! Like I said earlier, I wish you were off work every day so we could spend it with you. But you're right, that cardboard box just wouldn't work for our family. Babe, I could not have chosen a better daddy for our 17 kids. ;)
Jeremy opens his gifts (with the help of mister).
Holden's little stepping stone that he made for daddy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day Eve!

Daddy, I love you more than you know!
Your favorite buddy - Holden

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Our little neighborhood pool finally opened last week, while we were all out of town. So we took our first dip yesterday afternoon, once Jeremy was home. It was wonderful in this Oklahoma heat! And I have a feeling we will be walking down to the pool several times a week. Holden loved it! So that’s reason enough for me.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday with Daddy

Since Jeremy had such a chaotic Saturday and got home so late from his work trip, he was able to spend today with us. And that was delightful! We went to the zoo this morning, until it felt way too hot. Later we had lunch at Chick-Fil-A in the mall. Then we just had to head back home because we knew Holden wasn’t feeling well. Though he was acting like a trooper for us. Poor guy! I won’t even go into all of that. But it is making me very, very sad. And I am praying fiercely that he wakes up completely healed tomorrow. So the remainder of the day we just relaxed together at home. And that was perfectly fine. Holden was extra cuddly and that was just perfect for me. I hated the reason why, but Jeremy and I both soaked up the opportunity. Jeremy, thanks for spending the day with us. I know you would have enjoyed the overtime. But thanks for choosing us instead. This is what I found on Sunday night. Jeremy always reads him a Bible story and then I join them for prayer. Holden normally sits in his lap and looks at the book, but instead they just cuddled during story time.
Okay, we know Holden doesn't feel good. But what is Jeremy's excuse?! Maybe he's just tired of me taking pictures EVERYWHERE.
Holden poses with the friendly tiger.
There's a smile from J, but Holden is still not up to par.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wherever daddy is . . .

Holden is nearby . . . watching.
Jeremy was outside mowing the lawn today. First the front yard and then the back. No, I didn't set up the photos. Holden just knew his daddy was out there and was following his every move as best he could. No pressure babe, but he watches you like a hawk.

My goodness, this kid adores his daddy! And I love to witness these kinds of moments!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lots of visiting

As you know, Holden and I spent the last week at my parents house. Holden now knows Poppa J and Nana very well. He knows they are the ones that never say the word "no" and do a little bit of the spoiling. He reached for them both as soon as we walked into their house. Since Holden is new to walking, he was exploring the house all week long.

Poppa J even let Holden help water the flowers. It's funny the things grandparents think to do with your kids. Simple things, but yet so thrilling for a child, and they have never even crossed my mind. Mom and I made a few small road trips to see a few other faces this week. On my last visit, I was able to visit with my meme on my dad's side of the family. This time Holden and I were able to see my grandparents on my mom's side. Here is Holden and meme. Holden and dada. Then one day, we were able to go and visit beautiful, teeny tiny Camryn! This is our friends, Josh and Amanda's new baby girl. Isn't she a doll! And she is so tiny. I couldn't get over her petite, little frame and those thin, little legs. I love her already. It was an eventful week and it kept our minds off of missing Jeremy while he was away. Holden and I made it home at 11:00pm yesterday. He did this for most of our drive. And after 24 hours of mass chaos with Delta-Delta-Delta {may I help ya, help ya, help ya}, Jeremy arrived home this afternoon. And so the 3 of us are all back home and should be for a long while!

Summer Hair

During our week at my parents house, I changed my hair color . . . yet again. For the record, I stayed brunette for almost an entire year. I think I went brown for the 3rd and FINAL time, last August. And even though my natural color has been more brownish in the last 10+ years. It doesn't look right to me. It's like is clashes with my skin tone or something. Yes, I know that doesn't make sense. Anyways, after the initial shock of the new change wears off, I end up not liking the brown on my head so much. So if I ever ask any of you what you think about me going back to brunette, just say no!
I like change and I think that is why I sometimes change the hair color. I sarcastically told my mom that the next time I needed a change, I might just pierce my nose. She wasn't thrilled about that idea. And I know my suddenly straight-laced husband wouldn't like it either.
But you know it's not much of a post without something about Holden. I decided that he needed a little hair trim, while I sat under the dryer. He still kind of rubs some hair off the back of his head, which makes it thinner in that area. Then he has tons of hair at the crown. So I just wanted to even it up. It was his first salon cut and he did so well. He also got to enjoy his first sucker!
just getting started combing through those wonderful curls!
finishing up
He was such a good boy and sat so still. Even with the electric trimmer rumbling behind his head.
So here we are with our new summer hair.
What is it about a little boy! You give him a trim and he looks like he's grown 5 inches.

Monday, June 8, 2009

this week: J's view vs my view

Jeremy's view for the week.
And mine. Don't feel too sorry for me. There really aren't any cows around. And Holden and I are having a great time with my family.
Jeremy on the otherhand is vacationing in Puerto Rico. Ha ha! Not really vacationing. You think I would let him vacation without me? Not a chance! He is "working" there this week. At least that is what they are calling it. :) But the picture above is actually of his hotel. He's staying right on the beach. White sands, blue water. NICE! I'm just a tad envious.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

First dip in the BIG pool

And Holden absolutely loved it. You would have laughed if you saw him. Both Molly and I did. That's right, we went swimming with the Shockley family. Thanks for having us, guys! Holden splashed, squealed, screamed, stuck his face in, and paddled his arms as if he already knew how to swim. Our little neighborhood pool still hasn't opened. But when it does, watch out! Holden is for sure ready for more of the big pool. At this point, he has no fear. It should make for an eventful summer for me. Here is a picture of a cute, little pair - Sadie and Holden. So sweet with her arm on his shoulder.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rockin' out with PB and Jane

I have to brag on Ms. Haley. She made us this super cute shirt. Well, she made it for Holden. You may have noticed it in Holden's walking video. Our little family met Haley and her family in Babies R Us when Holden was just a little guy. It's kind of funny that we swapped emails and have been in touch somewhat, ever since that day. She is just so talented! She has made tons of things for her kiddos and I always notice them on her blog (and drool with envy). But it was so nice of her to share her talent with us. Haley, we absolutely love the little guitar shirt! So thank you, thank you, thank you! Contact Haley for one of your own at Or check out her etsy store, PB and Jane, to see what else you might need to add to your child's closet. Or you may convo her there with a special request. Also click here to check out her blog. Many of her creations are often posted on the blog. Thanks again, Haley. I admire your talent!

Monday, June 1, 2009

13 months.

Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:16
Not sure why this verse amazes me like it does. I love this truth. But I love it even more for Holden. It's a promise that I can teach him and one that we will cling to when things are hard or uncertain. Maybe you're wondering if I am going to do a monthly update for the rest of Holden’s life. Probably not. And 1 year is a good place to stop them, BUT it’s been a big month to just skip over and ignore. Can't do that! About 2 weeks after he turned 1, we packed up the bottles. We were down to one bottle a day and that was before bedtime. Then one night I just tried giving him his sippy cup instead. We’ve never looked back. Well, maybe Holden did. 4 days later, he was in his high chair eating lunch and I was putting away those last 3 bottles that were still out. He began to cry loudly while reaching his arms out and yelling “Baba. Baba.” It was a little sad, but really I was kind of laughing at him. So dramatic sometimes!
He now consistently says momma, dada, daddy, uh-oh (my fave), bur (for burp), bye bye, poppa and maybe a few other things. He likes to wave, dance to music, point at trees, pet puppies (but not so gently), splash in the water, play outside and now, walk. Today I dropped him off at the church nursery so that I could work in VBS. I placed him on the floor and asked for a kiss. He gave me a big, slobbery, open-mouthed one and then toddled off to play even though he was the first child in the room. No friends to play with, but first dibs on the toys. I guess that was good motivation. So, still no sign of anxiety with drop-offs at this point. But I love that he knows to kiss me bye. We are kissy-huggy people in this family. I think he has adjusted to it. :)
Holden is a really good eater. Eating just about everything that we eat for dinner, with a few exceptions. He loves a turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch. In fact when I start carrying it over to him in small pieces, he throws his arms up and cheers. He could live completely on bread. Bagels, tortillias, bread, rolls, waffles, pancakes. He definitely loves his carbs. So we have to work a little harder with the meat and veggies. Basically we don’t offer the bread until he has eaten the other. And that seems to go well. He now has 14 teeth, including his two bottom 1-year molars. Obviously all those teeth help with all the eating he is doing.
So I guess that is our update for the month. Here is our sweet, growing boy!