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Sunday, February 23, 2014

My second 10k.

Yesterday I ran the Cowtown 10k all by my lonesome. I tried to talk Jeremy and several friends (at several different times) into running with me. But no one was biting. So I just signed up and was determined to run alone. About a month ago I wasn't sure I could run it alone. When I ran my early morning runs with a friend, 5 miles became easy, even though we only ran about 2-3 miles together and then we would go our own separate way towards our own homes. The chit chat was a great distraction for me so I really enjoyed running with another person. But running with someone and being distracted by the conversation, proved to me that my body could do the mileage. It really was a mental thing...which is what my friend kept telling me. Yet, I kept insisting it had more today with my legs and my lungs. She was right and I was wrong. I can admit that now. My challenge was definitely more mental. And it still is at times. So Friday night Jeremy loaded up a Matt Chandler sermon for me and some of my favorite tunes onto my phone. I love a good conversation with a friend. But I've been realizing over the past few weeks that a deep, thought provoking message is a really good use of my time while running. Saturday morning while it was still dark, Jeremy, Holden, Pax and I headed to the race. Abe stayed home sleeping since my parents were visiting. The race was literally beginning as a I arrived at the start line. Obviously we didn't leave our house early enough. What else is new! So off I went in the huge mass of runners. And 1 hr and 5 minutes later I was crossing that same line. It felt good. It was a fun experience, even though I didn't know any of the other 3972 runners. That's right, there were 3972! I love the atmosphere and camaraderie of those races. And now {big gulp} I think I might be ready for a half marathon. Well, not physically ready. But I'm ready to line one up and start working towards that next goal.
I should mention that Holden has been so excited about this little race I was doing. He's run with me more than once. He loves to run, chase and race anyone that is willing. And he talks a big game. He thinks he's faster than his momma! So when the winner crossed the finish line at 33 minutes (or whatever crazy time it was!) Holden said loudly and in a frustrated manner, "Why did mommy lose?!!" Sweet boy really thought I was going to win that race. It took me 5 minutes to even make my way to the start line, yet he really though my face would be the first one he saw to cross the finish line. I think he might have a little bit of a competitive edge. :)
A few pictures from yesterday's 10k.
 With the finish line finally in sight...
They are smiling so great for this picture because i bribed them with a sip of my grape flavored Propel water I had gotten after finishing.

Engineering Week.

Last Tuesday at very late notice, Jeremy informed me that he was volunteering through work at the Children's Museum of Science and History that day. It was Engineering Week so there were lots of extras at the museum last week, including a flight simulator for the F-35. This is where Jeremy would be volunteering a few hours on Tuesday. He thought it would be cool for the boys to go so they could fly the simulator. I knew that would be cool for them, but I also saw it as a rare opportunity for the boys to see how Jeremy spends 40+ hours a week and some of the end results of his time and hard work. Jeremy has always worked in the area of Defense. In Oklahoma and now in Texas also. So because of security, the boys have never had the opportunity to visit him at work, see his office or really see the things that he does at work. So we jumped at this last minute opportunity to go and see. I got to watch Jeremy helping some other kids on the simulator. It was cool to see him in his element and expertise. Flying an F-35 is something that I have no clue about. And even looking at all the knobs and was all over my head. Jeremy would probably agree he has no clue about flying a jet either. But with the simulator, he looked like a pro. He came to this job feeling so behind four and a half years ago. But he is a smarty pants and an extremely hard worker. So he's made some amazing strides and I know he's a huge asset where he is right now. A few pictures from our afternoon with daddy.
The boys getting to "fly".
Mister Abe trying his best to push some buttons too. 
I loved this picture of Pax working on the huge "Lite Bright"
It was a good experience for the boys. And one that will probably be very rare. I'm thankful these last minute plans fell right into place and our flexible schedule allowed for it. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

So far in February...

We've had blistering cold days and some even filled with icey roads. But also wonderful 75ish spring-like days, such as those this past weekend and this week.
We've had some new pets. Ants! :) To go along with our schooling, we've had an ant farm in our kitchen. We've been fascinated at watching the constant work that they do. I think Jeremy and I have watched it more than the boys. The critters exited our home this morning. Well, they were escorted out.
Look at all the progress and tunnels they built in about a week and a half. Very impressive, those little biting ants. Actually these were the largest ants I've ever seen.
We celebrated my meme's 95th (!!!!) birthday. She found out that Abe liked the punch and she loved sharing her glass with him. Obviously, he loved it too.
The big boys decided to be little dare devils. Holden climbed his first big tree. Pax might become our little stunt man.
Pax was treated to a cookie the size of his face after he went in for allergy testing (which included poking all over his back). I don't want him to be called Sneezy McSneezerson his entire life. After several holistic attempts to cure his "allergies", I opted to do the testing. And he's been sneezing daily for about 4 years straight. No joke. But guess what, he doesn't really have bad allergies. Hmmmm. So I will start a little more research on the topic. I'm pretty sure I've done more scientific research in my last (almost) 6 years as a mommy than I ever did in 17 years of schooling.
Holden got a professional haircut with an adorable little fade. Jeremy always does their cuts. I think this is only his second time to go to an actual barber shop with men that know how to specifically cut and style his hair. Jeremy had been wanting to take him to a place that a friend from his work goes to regularly. He said Holden sat completely still the entire 30 minutes while the guy worked with precision on the many steps of this cut. I love it. But I don't see us paying $18 every month to keep it up.
This little guy continues to grow. His hair continue to grow. :) And he continues to fill us with joy.
It's been a fairly uneventful few weeks but a little busy all at the same time. If that even makes sense. And that is my catch up post for now.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Birthday Redo

Last Thursday Jeremy turned 34. Old man! He was awakened at 3:30am that day to me throwing up in our bathroom. After he came in the bathroom to check on me, he started to head off to the kitchen to get me a drink, but not before I hollered, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I may have been sick but I was still on my A game mentally...I hadn't forgotten his special day. ;) UNFORTUNATELY, I had decided I would do all his birthday planning and prep the day of.  In hindsight, that was not my smartest move. But I need to use Thursdays for errands while the big boys are at MDO. So on Jeremy's birthday, I never even made it out of bed. He had to take off of work. He took the boys to MDO. He took care of Abe. He got us some groceries and me some sick people food. He took care of everything, while I repeatedly apologized for his awful birthday. He just didn't care. He's not the type that NEEDS to feel celebrated. But I love to celebrate my family on their special days. So it was hard for me. Luckily I slept most of the day and didn't have a ton of time to ponder it. To make things worse, he ended up with the bug by Thursday night. There were a few hours that we both felt terrible. But by the next day, he was down for the count and I was a brand new woman.
Friday night I cooked his favorite dinner at home with his favorite mint chocolate cupcakes. It was his third year in a row to request them. By Saturday night food was starting to sound really good again. So the family enjoyed dinner at one of his favorites, BJ's. The poor guy had received no gifts from us. So after dinner, we stopped at a shoe store and Jeremy treated himself to two new pair of shoes. We also have a shopping date scheduled for Monday where he can spend more of his birthday money. I married a man that likes to shop, if he's got money to burn. Lucky me. :) But it was a weird birthday celebration over here. I hope we never have to repeat it. The only picture I took of our celebrations...
This was taken Friday night, after his sick day. Happy Birthday, babe! We love you more than you know. And alot more than we showed you on January 30th of this year.