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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

water fun.

Since it has been in the low 90s the past 2 weeks, Jeremy inflated the pool yesterday evening. So the boys enjoyed their first splash of 2010. I'm only calling it a splash because we only put about 3 inches of water inside. And for my boys, that was fun enough. The water was ice cold, but they didn't seem bothered by it. Even Pax handled it like a champ.

I'm totally going to have to watch the big brother. At all times! He sometimes uses Pax in his little science experiments.

Just loving the water.

So I bought a "big" pool this year so feel free to come and join us. (Unless you're some weirdo that I don't know. In that case, you're not invited.)

Last week Jeremy pulled out and cleaned up Holden's water table from last year. He was so excited to see it. Could he remember it from last summer? Probably not, but it seemed like he did. So in the mornings, during Paxton's nap he has been having lots of fun reconnecting with this old friend. He understands it alot more this year. Last year he would just take the pieces off and throw them in the grass and of course, splash in the water. Now he understands the little water "towers" and the train set. He has been having a ball.

See, I told you. He gets it. He's pouring water through the towers.

Water tables are serious business.

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everyday graces said...

I got out the little pool and sprinkler yesterday. The kids loved it! Colin's last day of school was yesterday so summer has officially begun for us :-)