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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend in Texas

We spent this past weekend house hunting. My parents kept the boys all day Saturday and most of the day Monday while Jeremy and I looked for a house for our growing family. It sure is alot harder this time . . . really wanting the house to accommodate a family of 4+ rather than just a comfortable place for the 2 of us. Not to mention, we have to consider school districts and other factors that we really didn't put much thought into when buying our first house. Anyways, it was absolutely exhausting and honestly we didn't have much luck. We will probably head back in a couple of weeks and go at it again. It was hard because we were circling the big city and there are SO MANY suburbs. We really didn't even know which direction we wanted to be. I think we're beginning to get that decision narrowed down and we hopefully we will find a house soon. Our current house has moved into contract (after less than 2 weeks on the market!!), so we might all be homeless come the first of November. ;)
Anyways, here are a few pictures from a great weekend at my parents house. They loved having the boys at their house, though I know it kept them busy. While feeding the little one every 3 hours and chasing the other one for 2 hours at a time . . . it's just busy. But they said they enjoyed it. I don't think Paxton was hardly put down this weekend. They enjoyed some cuddle time with him.
The first night at about 10pm, Holden woke up screaming. I think he was overly exhausted from our drive and maybe had a bad dream. Anyways, it was very unusual for him. I took the opportunity to cuddle with him. Poppa J took the opportunity as well. I love those moments! With Holden they are not so common anymore.I just loved this picture. Jeremy had said something funny to my dad. And as you will see, Holden spent alot of time in Poppa J and Nana's laps this weekend.Nana reading a book to her boys.Nana gave Holden a sink bath after playing outside on the tire swing. He LOVES bath time! We had a few visitors of those that wanted to meet our Paxton. Aunt Phi Phi came over on Saturday while we were away looking at houses. She brought the boys gifts and got to meet Paxton for the first time. This is my dad's only sibling and she also adopted my cousin 30 years ago, so it's a special connection. Some of our very best friends, Josh and Amanda drove out to my parents house on Sunday afternoon. Jeremy had never met their little Camryn. And she is an absolute doll! Here is their little family with Paxton. It was so good to see them and we are so excited to be near them again, very soon. Josh and Paxton share a birthday. We missed Josh's 30th celebration this year. I promised that we would be there for his 31st (since we knew we were moving closer). And now with the way things have unfolded, I have also promised Josh his own smash cake at Paxton's birthday party. Who knew!We also were able to stop at my sisters house, so Paxton could meet cousins Carson and Cameron and then Uncle Dan and Aunt Amy. It was a quick stop and I took no pictures. But the sister did send a few. Look at these 4 boy cousins! There just missing there 2 + 1 on the way girly girl cousins.It was really a great weekend. Though we didn't accomplish what we set out for, we got to see some family and friends and make some introductions with Paxton. And we did actually make some progress and some decisions for this house hunt. Better luck next time.

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DeBrady said...

Your boys are just too cute!! I know your parents are SO proud of them!! Glad you are coming back to Texas. We'll have to get Holden, Paxton, Max and Mason together for playdates!! :)