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Thursday, September 10, 2009

things i will miss . . .

In completely random order.
1) This one was Jeremy's request. He moved here almost 7 years ago not liking Italian food. Until he met . . .2) A church we really like that occasionally worships with rap music. Can anyone else say that? (that doesn't go to my church . . .)

3) This girl. We've kind of learned our way through the stay-at-home-mom thing together as our boys are less than 3 weeks apart. We get together at least twice a week and normally talk daily. What will we do without Daysha and Lyndon?!

4) These sweet friends who know our hearts so well. They share with us a passion for adoption, as they will soon be welcoming home an Ethiopian baby. And that is one of the several reasons I am sad to leave these 2.

5) Kaleidescope Kids!!! This little playgroup has been a dream come true for me! And Holden sure had his pick with the ladies. It's full of families like mine and other moms that share my passion for adoption. I wish this little group could come with us to Texas. But on the upside, this week I had a little email invite to a similar group in our new area. Wow! God answering prayers before I even have time to worry about it.

6) City Bites! I love the California Club, hold the mayo, add mustard. But I won't miss the bathroom with the 2 way mirror. Too freaky!

7) The lack of traffic. It really is nonexistent here. I think we are in for a rude awakening.

8) Babysitting adventures with Blake and Lauren. This has been so nice to trade off weekends and date nights with this wonderful family. We have come to really know and love their kids. And I know they love our Holden. I never have the slightest worry when he is at their home. We are going to miss this sweet family and the many date nights that they allowed us.

Okay, clearly this list outnumbers the other. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Daysha said...

stop it!!!

The Curtis Family said...

But just gain the Curtis'!!!!

Cara said...

I think we should team up and begin a campaign for Daysha, Lyndon and maybe Jeffery to move to Texas!!!

Or...we could just kidnap them! :)