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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some rest for the weary . . .

With a precious newborn in the house, I have been a little weary. We haven't found a gentle formula for Paxton's sensitive tummy and so he has had a tough time lately. We went to the doctor today and she switched his formula and we hope this is his cure. Oh how I am going to miss our pediatrician SO MUCH!! I mentioned before that Paxton hasn't wanted to sleep alone. In fact, he has wanted to be held ALOT. The doctor said it's probably a painful tummy (she listened to it rumbling around) and he just wants to be comforted. Can't argue with that! Comforting and holding, we can do! But last night I had Jeremy put together the swing. Paxton slept for 2.5 hours in that swing so content and quiet. I think we will try it again tonight. Believe it or not, 2.5 hours has been a record here lately.
Here he is chilled out in the swing. Holden didn't ever absolutely love it. I have a feeling we will get much use out of it with Pax. Not sure if you can tell, but he is kind of holding in his paci. So protective of that thing! :)


The Nanny Family said...

I've heard the dha/ara stuff can add to the discomfort. We LOVED the Nestle GoodStart with comfort proteins w/o dha/ara (it got hard to find though... it's in a purple can). Just in case you need it!
I hope you can get some rest! You look insanely busy!

Robin said...

That's the same formula I use for Lucy. It's Good Start Supreme and it is a little hard to find. I found it at Toys R Us. And it's actually significantly less expensive than the DHA stuff, so that would be an added bonus if it also helps settle your little one's tummy!