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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Something new for baby Pax

So we have a name for his wall. For Holden, we did cute little letters above his crib. Which I still love and they will go with him to his next room. But for Paxton, we are using the same complete nursery. Same furniture. Same bedding. Basically, the same room. It will just be in a different house. :) I'm not complaining. This was always my intention. My mom put way too much time and effort into it to be done with it after 2 years (or 18 months - whatever). I had her make something that I thought was neutral so I could use it with more than 1 child. Anyways, I wanted something new and different for Paxton's new room in our future new house (that we will be hunting for this weekend). As the little brother he has tons of hand me downs. Which is fantastic! But everyone needs something new, right?! Holden's friend, Lyndon, has a cute little hand-painted sign in his room with his name on it. So his momma, Daysha, connected me with Brittany that makes these cute signs. Brittany went over the different options with me and then she got to work. Jeremy went by today to pick up the sign and pay for it. And guess what? It was free. Sweet Daysha bought it for little Pax as a gift. And I LOVE IT! It's something new and different for his hand-me-down room. And I can't say it enough - I love it! See for yourself . . .
Thank you Daysha for this wonderful gift. You are too good to us!


Daysha said...

I do love it. So glad you like it.

everyday graces said...

very cool