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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

As we wait . . .

I have tried to be productive in the last few days, as we are waiting on our bay boy to come home.

1) I prepared 5 LARGE freezer meals last night and have about 3 more to do this evening.
2) I made my little Pax a doctor's appointment with our favorite pediatrician. She loves my Holden and is never offensive like some doctors we know. :)
3) I have washed much of Holden's Newborn and 0-3 month clothing that I think will seasonly work. So then all weekend I had all the freshly washed, teeny-tiny baby clothes stacked in the rocking chair (that is now back in our bedroom). We have absolutely no drawer space in our house right now. We need to go get another dresser/chest for one of the boys. Anyways, while I was cooking last night, sweet Jeremy sacrificed a drawer where his clothes normally go. So when I returned to the bedroom, he had Paxton's clothes neatly tucked in his spare dresser drawer.
4) For the last 4 nights I have cuddled with a little baby blanket. And we are headed back to our adoption agency today to hand over the blanket. They are going to deliver it to Paxton so that maybe, just maybe, my smell will be somewhat familiar to him when we meet on Monday. And then we can let the bonding begin.

We are so excited! Each day brings us one day closer!


The reynolds said...

We are sooooo excited for ya'll! He has such a sweet little face, and I can't believe the boys are going to be so close. You will have your hands full, but they will be so close it's totally worth it! I can't wait to meet him. We will be praying for ya'll, and a easy entrance for him into your house! Love ya'll!!

Molly said...

I am DYING! This is so cool! I love that idea of the blanket and have heard of people doing this in international adoption.

We found a super cheap dresser for the boys from that is actually quite sturdy. Do you have an extra crib? We do if you need it. I mean, Owen chewed the poo out of it, but it is a crib!


bsjones7 said...

I am SO EXCITED for you!!!! Which agency did you end up going with this time? Just curious! Also I have TONS of baby clothes if your and interested in borrowing any of them since Mr. Paxton and Calebs birthdays are only a month apart seasonable they should work. Just let me know and I will get them down.

Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

I'm so excited for you! I can't believe you're little family will be expanding soon! I can't wait to see more pics of the little guy.

Do you mind emailing me some info about your agency? Do you use Deaconess too? I just was curious about it. Thanks :)

everyday graces said...

You are so cute and on top of things! Way to plan ahead on the freezer meals. I would love to bring you a dinner next week (or the next). Is your small group doing dinners?

The Coopers said...

ok so #4 made me cry! way to go mel that was not planned on my way out the door! I love you!