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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Paxton is 1 month

Here is our little guy . . .
(I know, deer in the headlights look. Not so flattering. They just can't help it at this age. And when he's awake, he is ALERT!)
Well, I am a few days behind on this post. We were out of town this past weekend and things have just been really busy. So now I am trying to catch up on some things, like the blog.

What can I tell you about Paxton at 1 month? He has been a joyful addition to our family. He has been with us now a little over 2 weeks. I hope that he now knows that I am his momma forever and ever. I think he might know that he has me wrapped around his pinkie finger. So far, he loves to be held. Prefers it actually. My mom says that he has nails in his bed. He has slept in our bed probably more than his bassinet. And that's just not my style, normally. To each his own bed. That's my theory and my preference. But wanting to bond, having some tummy issues and getting a cold last week, I have just given in. He fusses and fusses in his bassinet, unless he is on his tummy (which we won't do at night). And then I take him out of the bassinet, snuggle up with him in the crook of my arm and he lets out a big sigh and drifts off to sleep. That's what the fuss was about. He just wanted to cuddle! So we are enjoying our cuddly boy.

Today we will start Paxton on his 5th formula. It will be only his 3rd since he has been in our home. And we're going soy. He's having some tummy issues, as I mentioned, and I really hope this formula does the trick. I hate to continue switching things up on him. But my mom tells me that I was on 7 different formulas before they found a match for me. So I guess, all in all, it's not a huge deal. Paxton has definitely rolled with the punches around here and gone with the flow. The day he came home to us we changed: his bottle type, pacifier type and formula. Bam bam bam! He didn't hesitate with any of it. He has been a trooper!

Holden is loving him. Being sweet, gentle and careful around his baby brother. It's fun to watch. He is learning from us how we handle a tiny, little baby. I am getting a better grasp each day on this mommy of 2 thing. There are times that are challenging and they both have needs. And they both think they are immediate needs. And then there are times like now . . . when they're both sleeping. :) But we are getting the hang of things. And honestly, I am beyond thrilled that I can call these 3 boys my family! Such a blessing!
loving on this boy!
And a little updated family picture because we needed to get one to our agency this week.
Yes, all of these pictures are from today! It's not very often that my hair and makeup get done these days. So if pictures need to be taken, it kind of happens all at once. Speaking of pictures, we did get newborn pictures/family pictures done last Friday. A wonderful photographer that is adopted herself. We had lots to talk about! And I will have to tell you more about her in another post. Some of you adoptive families in the city need to know about the photographers involved in Celebrate Adoption. It equals cheap/free pictures. Anyways, another post, I promise.


Cindy said...

Congrats on your sweet new addition!! I have to admit, I'm your blog stalker. Thanks for the comment on my blog- I'm Suuuuper excited about adoption. I look at families like yours and it reminds me how amazing it is when God weaves a family together.

Molly said...

Oh my...I just read Cindy's comment and it made me smile!!! I LOVE her! What a wonderful post. That family picture made me all warm and fuzzy inside! Seriously, I could look at that all day. You guys are precious and I am still so sad you're moving...that's just me being totally selfish though!

Both Cooper and Sadie had formula issues. I am sorry, I know it's hard...but your attitude it right. It could be something worse! Love you girl and give those boys kisses from us! I wish you could have seen my living room tonight as the boys played endlessly together. Holden and Paxton will fill your house with tons of giggles for years to come! WE ARE SO BLESSED!!! Congrats again!

kh123 said...

I LOVE Paxton's face in the picture of all 4 of you. He looks like he is doting at his two spectacular parents!

everyday graces said...

cute family photo
p.s. your hair is so cute. Did you do something different (darker color underneath?)

bsjones7 said...

I love the pictures! You have such a beautiful family! I am so excited for you and your lil one. Caleb had formula issues too, so I feel your pain! Thats really neat that you had your pics done through celebrate adoption...was it Susans Photography (I think thats the name)? Thats who did Calebs when he was about 8 mo old they turned out GREAT!

Sew said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm jealous of your hair! Ahhh! I only wish I had hair like that!

Your family is gorgeous, even your new addition!

Laura said...

What a beautiful family picture! I swear, Holden looks like he's abut 3 years old in that picture--such a big boy! Doesn't it feel weird holding Holden after you hold Paxton for a while?! I remember when Trent (my then 4 1/2 year old) came to the hospital to see Drew for the first time. After holding this tiny baby for just a few hours, Trent seemed huge to me! I didn't realize how big he was until I had someone to compare him to.

It looks like you're doing a wonderful job and settling in nicely to the title of "Mom of 2"!

The Skains Family said...

I love the sweet new family picture. God HAS done amazing things! Wow! I can't believe you are on your 5th formula. Yikes! I am just so happy for you guys.