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Friday, September 18, 2009

So far into week 1 . . .

Oh how we love our new baby boy! I guess I forgot how much I enjoyed this teeny tiny infant stage. This past week has been exhausting, but so enjoyable. The first 2 nights, Paxton slept great. He woke up only once to eat and a few other times for a dropped paci. But the last 2 nights, he has decided that he doesn't like to sleep alone in that uncomfortable bassinet (right next to me)! He wants to be between mommy and daddy in the luxurious big bed. And my lazy, sleep deprived self has found that idea to be just fine. It's a habit I don't want to start. But sometimes at 3AM it's too easy to give in to those sweet wimpers . . . that soon turn into a mad shriek. Gotta love his persistence!

My mom was here with me all week, which was nice because Jeremy needed to be at work during the day. My dad came in Thursday night. He was ready to meet his grandson. But they both had to head home today. So this weekend it will just be the 4 of us, and then I am on my own on Monday with 2 little ones. Holden has done pretty well adjusting. He is not quite sure what to think. He definitely had some obvious jealousy when Jeremy or my mom held Paxton. Ironically, he is fine with me holding him. Anyways, everyone has told me to just give him some time and they will be best of buds soon. And I believe them. I do think these little boys will one day be inseparable best friends. But for now, Holden is just trying to figure out if we are babysitting and where this kid came from.

Paxton is doing well. We went to the doctor on Wednesday. They weighed him as 9lbs. 3 oz. I am pretty positive that the scale was wrong. He's just too little to weigh so much. We are praising God for his poopy diapers each time he gives us one. We've had some issues there. He is an aggressive eater. I remember it taking a good 30 - 45 minutes for Holden to drink 3 oz. Paxton gulps down 4 oz. in about 10 minutes. And sometimes he acts like he would take seconds. He moves his eyebrows up and down as he gulps as though he feels so passionately about that milk. It makes me smile each time. He's just so sweet and cuddly and has a perfect, little face. Crazy how quickly a little one can completely steal your heart. And Paxton has done it!

Crazy that we are trying to sell our house in the midst of this. So occasionally we get the call that we need to get out of the house for a showing. That has not been fun this week, but I think we've only had 2, so I can't complain too much. We've had some cancellations. You know where you clean your house from top to bottom and then they decide they don't want to come. Nice. The good news is that we think we have 2 offers. That's a merciful Lord that would take away that inconvenience from our lives. It would just be nice to fully relax at home during this time of transition.

Here are a few pictures from our week. As you will notice, I am always the one behind the camera. (Somebody has to snap the button!) And I also took about 100 of my mom and Paxton together. But they were all with her camera which is back in Texas. So here's what I've got for now.
notice that he is NOT sleeping in his little bed . . .
but getting a little too comfy in our bed.
Paxton and Poppa J meet for the first time
ferociously taking that bottle


sarah s said...

He is SOOO cute! I can't wait to meet him!

Molly said...

I love it! Owen was that way eating...he would take it down so fast and would cry after every feeding! And he never let a drip come out the sides...he savored every last drop! Both of my boys were CHUNKS!

I forgot to tell you of the intense feeling of a panick attack the day my mom left. I had never felt that before, but I couldn't even think through how I was going to get both boys loaded into the car by myself! Needless to say I figured it all out and it's been fabulous. But I just had to let you know that if you are feeling the least bit overwhelmed it's completely normal!

Love you and LOVE these pictures! Precious post about your growing family and our incredible God!

everyday graces said...

So precious. Hope to meet him soon (after all the buggy bugs leave this house)

Aubrey said...

He is just so sweet!! Love his little face and tiny little body! It really is awesome how quickly you absolutely fall head-over-heels in love with your precious baby! Exciting times! I'll pray that you have an easy sell of your home!!

The Myers said...

So cute! I love those eyebrow raising gulps. Camryn does the same thing. :) We will be thinking of you on Monday, but I know you'll do great. Have fun with your new little man. Love y'all.