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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

He's 5!

Today my little boy turned 5!!
We had a fun day at home. My parents were here for part of the day because they will have to miss his little party on Saturday. So they celebrated with us yesterday and today. Surprisingly, he was still in bed asleep at 7:15 this morning. Typically, he is our early riser. Jeremy and I quietly snuck into his room and woke him, while leaving Pax in bed to sleep later. Holden crawled into my arms from the top bunk, wrapped his super long legs around my waist, laid his head on my shoulder and allowed me to carry him downstairs. As we were walking I asked if he knew why we gotten him out of bed. His sleepy response was, "because it's my birthday!" He knew exactly what he was waking up to this morning! We set him on the kitchen counter and immediately began singing to him Happy Birthday. He never made eye contact and instead made silly faces throughout the song as though he was embarrassed by all the attention.
During breakfast, I asked what he might like to do today. I suggested riding bikes or going to the park. But he asked if he could play in the sprinkler today. At the time, it was overcast, maybe close to 60 degrees. But I knew it was supposed to warm up later, so I promised we could do some sprinkler time once the sun came out. So he took that information and went upstairs to put his swim shorts on. :) We spent the morning swinging in the backyard, riding bikes, watching the Lion King and reading lots of library books. After the boy's afternoon naps it was warm and sunny, so Holden was able to play in the water for almost 2 hours.
Jeremy grilled burgers for dinner, which was Holden's request. Then since he is taking his special cupcakes to school tomorrow, we had this healthy fruit pizza for his dessert. I thought he might be bummed about not having cake, but he loved this stuff and really didn't care that it wasn't traditional birthday dessert. He also was well aware that he would be having cupcakes tomorrow and again on Saturday.
We are somewhat South Beach/Paleo around here with Holden's diet. I didn't want you to think that was a typical burger for us...but I guess for the time being, it is. But then again, white potatoes are neither South Beach or Paleo. Oh well. It was just a burger, minus the bread (and everything else) :)
After dessert he was able to rip into his presents, which is always so fun to watch. He loved his new toys.
You might remember Jeremy took Holden to the monster truck show here. Well, he just went nuts when he opened the Mohawk Warrior truck from Pax. 
The excitement in his face...that's the wonderful side of his passion that I mention so often. And goodness, Pax had such joy in giving to his brother. He is an incredibly sweet 3-year old. He has some wonderful qualities and today those shone brightly as we celebrated and focussed on Holden.
Yes, those are drums that Jeremy and I bought for him. We may regret it. But the boy LOVES to drum. He's always using some type of pencils, forks, sticks to drum on just about anything. I believe he's picked it up the interest from watching the drummers at church. So he was very excited to see this drum set when he opened it.
We've haven't really gotten into Legos around here. But Jeremy wanted to give it a try. So we got him two beginner type Lego sets and Jeremy and Holden worked on one of them tonight.
It was a wonderful day celebrating our Holden. A big 5 year update coming soon!

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Katie said...

Your boys are simply adorable!!! Thanks so much for your comments on the food. My kids love eggs, so that would work out. They like breakfast for dinner. I want them to be grateful too, your right about being thankful. I don't want bratty kids!! Let me know how that drum set goes (: