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Thursday, May 16, 2013

An Adoption Update

I will make this short and sweet. "Free time" is more precious than ever these days. Yesterday our family had the priviledge to meet our little guy's birth mother. We love T, just as we do K and M. She did go to court yesterday to relinquish her rights. So we are one step closer to going home. We had a good visit with her and got some sweet pictures of she and Abe to share with him as he grows. Our agency has informed us that all of our paperwork should be in the right hands by Friday - so they can start going through it to clear us to cross state lines. They are optimistically guesstimating that maybe we could be going home as early as Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. But since I like to shoot for the stars, I've been asking for prayers that they could review our file once received on Friday, find no issues or missing information and approve us the same day...putting us home for a nice weekend together. God has done some amazing things through this journey, so I believe it's possible. Life in a hotel with 2 energetic little boys is hard. And we decided to not stay in the metro so Jeremy would have an easier commute. Half the week he is working his tail off, putting in at least 40 hours.(Just Monday and Tuesday he worked 30!!! He did that for his family. He's incredible and I know it.) And the other half of the week he is staying with us. My mom stayed here with me Sunday night through Wednesday and that was a great help. But anyways, we are in a small town closer to the border for less of a commute for him. In hindsight that wasn't our best decision for my sanity and even more so for the boys. So that is part of my rush to get home. We went to WalMart one day for entertainment. And I hate WalMart, so that has to tell you something.
Abe seems to be adjusting well. Jeremy and I both agreed that he had a hard time remembering daddy yesterday after not seeing him since Sunday. Just another reason our family needs to be home. But he is full of smiles and genuinely seems to be such a happy, laid back guy. I praise God daily for his joyful spirit despites the changes he has faced recently. I'll post more of his adorable pictures once we are home and settled.
Feel free to pray for another miracle with us...that we could be on the road to Texas tomorrow! Thank you friends!

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Amanda said...

Thinking about y'all often! Praying you are home ASAP!