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Friday, March 1, 2013

Date Nights!

At the very last minute, Jeremy decided we should do individual date nights with the boys last Saturday. This is something we said that we wanted to start this year. And now fully into the adoption process, we really don't know how much longer we'll be just a family of 4. So we've got to take advantage of these opportunities. Right now it's easy to divide and conquer and get some QT with each boy during the same time slot, so it doesn't take away from family time or Jeremy and I's time together. So that's what we did last weekend.
Jeremy and Holden had the fancy date. Jeremy sacrificed some birthday money that he had saved and took Holden to the Monster Truck Show at Cowboys Stadium. My brother-in-law and nephews also went + 70,000 other people. Apparently it was alot of traffic and quite the crowd. Saturday morning Holden was feeling a little apprehensive about going and trying something new. He is also a little sensitive to loud noises. So Jeremy brought some ear plugs just in case. As soon as they got seated, Holden agreed that he wanted the ear plugs. And then he had a ball! Jeremy said he loved it and chatted Jeremy's ear off the entire time. He was asking tons of questions Jeremy couldn't answer and soaking up the experience. I'm so glad they had this time together.
Uncle Dan, Cameron, Holden and Carson
I really believe these boys are starting to favor one another, physically. Jeremy laughed when I told him that. But I'm serious. I learned about this in one of my psychology classes but didn't really expect it to happen to us. Though, when Pax was a baby, I thought he sort of looked like me. Jeremy laughed at my thoughts back then as well. But this picture confirms it for me. Look past the skin tone, don't they favor? Maybe not. Maybe Holden has just picked up on some of daddy's faces, smiles and mannerisms. I'm not sure. But I say they look a little bit similar. Mainly their smile in this picture. I know, I know, call me crazy.
Pax and I headed the opposite direction and had a quiet, but fun little evening in a small town just north of us. Lauren told us about this brand new, cool little candy/soda/icecream shop. So we headed there and had our sugar fix before dinner. I wasn't too excited about driving Jeremy's old truck and Pax riding in the front. It's a standard transmition, so I have to use 100% of my brain while driving. But my little Pax loved riding in the front seat and he anticipated the gear changing at all of the traffic lights. At one point, he asked to hold my hand :) ...which I couldn't do since I needed them both to drive. But it was pretty sweet having my little guy right there beside me in the front seat.  He thought he was such a big boy.
Some fun little questions/conversation starters I found through Pinterest! Here's the official link where they can be found. There are many categories to choose from.
I cut the questions apart and put them in this green bag (that he's holding in the picture below). On our date, he would pull out a question and I would read it. Then he would get to talk about it and try and answer it. I learned that he's pretty silly. Except really, I already knew that.
Fun little toy car.
He chose mint chocolate chip icecream because it's green, his favorite color. :)
It was a fun date night with my littlest guy.
Next date night, we'll switch it up. Pax and Jeremy will do something special while Holden and I do something a little more laid back. I underestimate the power of quality one-on-one time until I'm in the middle of it. And then before I know it, I'm feeling just as blessed, if not more, than the child I'm having the special time with. More date nights like these are definitely going to become a regular in this family.


~The Neaves Nest~ said...

So fun:) we will just have to keep baby so you can continue to have those date nights!

Diana Hill said...

I don't think you are imagining things! I really can see the similarities between Jeremy and Holden and then between you and Pax! Isn't hat amazing how that works?! You have 2 beautiful boys and I think having a date night with them is a good idea I am going to copy!

everyday graces said...

I see the similarities! I believe couples who've been married a long time start to resemble each other. I think pax is taking after you with his face shape and cheeks :-)