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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Still waiting...

For those that care, we are still in Oklahoma. Jeremy slipped into our bed at the hotel around 1:30am Friday. He had worked a very long day on Thursday and then came to be with us. Things are just 100 times easier and better when he is here. So he has been here all weekend and I'm dreading him leaving tomorrow night. Dreading it. Even if the hotel had a greenbelt or something where the big boys could run off some energy, that would help. But our location isn't set up that way. And I'm new to this mommy of 3 on my own in the hotel is just a little hard. Sorry if that sounds whiney. We left home 10 days ago and I'm just more than ready for our return. And getting Abe on any kind of schedule doesn't even seem realistic until we are home. Our big boys have a pretty consistent routine and schedule and even theirs has gone out the window. So our agency tells us it would probably be Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest that we would leave. That is just a guess as it is out of their hands at this point. But I'm begging and pleading with God for Monday.

On another note, Abe is doing just amazing. We are bonded. Though I will admit to having bonded in less than 24 hours with him. He has become such an immediate and permanent piece to our family. So sweet, laid back, full of smiles and loving to be cuddled. His naps are sporadic, inconsistent and short. Sometimes he naps in our arms and other times in the pack-n-play. But it's usually a cat nap, 45 minutes at the very longest. He sleeps fairly well at night...he goes about 7 hours without a feeding. But that is often inconsistent as well. What he does one night guarantees nothing for the next. We definitely used sleep training for Holden and Pax and they were both sleeping a solid 12 hours at night by 4 months. Holden was doing this by 3 months. But I just don't think that will be an option for us with Abe. At least not any time soon. Coming to us at 5 months, sleep is at the bottom of the totem pole in our minds. But he is pure sweetness and feeding him at 5:30am (or whatever obscene hour) always puts a smile on my face. Even if my eyes are half closed. Daily these thoughts have been running through my head: What a priviledge that it's me. I am now the mommy that can comfort him the best. That can settle him during a restless night . The voice he now turns his head towards. That will be his biggest cheerleader as he grows and changes in the many years to come. I missed his first 5 months, but what a privilege that I get to share his future. He is quite the gift!


~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Praying for Monday!! And how great that he was picked for you and you, him:) brings a smile to my face!

will + adri said...

Praying you all get to go home very, very soon! Parenting one is hard by myself, so I cannot imagine three! Thinking of you guys each step of the way!