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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Introducing Abe

Yesterday at noon we picked up our sweet boy. We arrived to the agency a little early. So we sat down to try and plow through paperwork before he arrived to us. As soon as we got started on the paperwork, they walked in with Abe. His sweet caregiver immediately handed him off to me without any words and left the room. Sweet, sweet gesture to give us that first moment with him. And I fell to pieces. I wasn't expecting that. But I just lost it and became really emotional. I've missed that boy these past 5 months and I didn't even know I was missing him.
We had been talking about the name Abraham for a boy for the past couple of months, with full intentions to call him Abe. Then when we found out his birthmother had named him Malachi, we immediately loved it. Then seeing his picture and seeing he looked very much like a Malachi, we were hesitant to change it. But the bigger part of me wanted to give him his first name, as we've done with Holden and Pax. On our drive to Oklahoma yesterday morning I was trying to get Jeremy to talk about it. It felt like he was leaning towards keeping Malachi as the first name. Then he told me he had been remembering that morning, that on Monday night (the day we had found out about him) the boy's Bible story that Jeremy read to them was about Abraham and Sarah. I remember hearing him read it to the boys and I was thinking, how appropriate. The story was about Abraham and Sarah trusting God to provide them with a child. And that particular night I was waiting to hear back from the agency. So I remember thinking how God was gently reminding me to wait for Him. Jeremy said that on Tuesday (once we knew this baby was ours), the following story was on Abraham again. It was good clarity to Jeremy to give him our chosen name, Abraham. So he is Abraham Malachi and we are calling him Abe.
He is a big ole boy! Already in 6-9month clothing at 5 months old. He has the biggest thighs! He is a happy and laid back personality right now. We are doing lots of holding, snuggling and making up for lost time. He slept with me most of the night, last night. I just want him to quickly learn who mommy and daddy are. I am fully bonded to him and completely in love. But I know that will take a little longer for him. This shuffling of his life has to leave him confused, among other things. And that is a little heartbreaking to me.
I want to ask for a few prayer requests when and if you're thinking of us.
-Pray for Abe and this transition. That he would trust us. That he would feel safe and know that we are here FOREVER.
-T, his birthmother will relinquish rights on May 21st. Pray for her heart as she makes this final and permanent decision. I am not really concerned about this step of the process. I do not feel like she will be changing her mind. But my Bible study leader told me last night that she has begun praying that miraculously we would get an earlier court date to accomplish this. Honestly, that would be a huge miracle by God. But hey, however the Spirit leads you! These words from her were so encouraging. The reason she is praying for this is because we are stuck in Oklahoma through this court date. And then some. After relinquishment, more paperwork has to be completed in both Texas and Oklahoma before we are able to take him across state lines. We are staying with friends thru Sunday and then off to a hotel until we are released to leave the state.
-So please pray for a speedy process so we can get back home into our normal routine. Jeremy will be doing a lot of back and forth during this time. My mom will be up here with me some.
-Pray for Holden and Pax. Day 1 went very well. They have been awesome and sweet big brothers. I can only hope that it continues to go so smoothly.
I know that I'm probably missing some major details here. But that's about all I have time for right now. And I don't know how much updating I'll be doing from Oklahoma. Thank you for your prayers, support and rejoicing with us in our newest blessing!
At this point I can not upload pictures to the blog. I'm devastated. :( Ha. He's amazing and such a cutie!

**Update. I just received a call from our agency. Relinquishment court date has been moved forward to May 15th. God is all over this adoption and we are so thankful to get to experience His hand at work. Why am I always floored when he pours out his blessings and miracles on us?! Thank you God!


Amanda said...

so happy it got moved up! Please let us know if you need anything!

~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Answered prayer:) continuing to pray!

Sara said...

Amazing! All of this is incredible! God is so good! Congrats on your new bundle!

bsjones7 said...

That is so amazing!! God is so good, and faithful:)