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Sunday, May 5, 2013

our weekend.

This weekend has gone nothing like I was imagining. We scheduled Holden's party for Saturday at 5pm. It was going to be so cute. We had decided on a camp out theme, though no friends were staying overnight or anything like that. We were going to set up our tent in the backyard, and pretend camp out with roasting hot dogs, smores and the works. Friday evening Jeremy worked hard on the backyard. A lot of little things needed to get done, and he did it! I worked on the inside and made a good 3 dozen cupcakes. Saturday morning Holden woke up extremely whiney and irritable. I thought he was just being moody. :( But then I soon noticed his rapid breathing. It reminded me of back in December when he had pneumonia. So we quickly made our way to a local Care Now facility. After breathing treatments, oxygen tests and x-rays they decided to treat him for pneumonia...though it didn't look like typical pneumonia from the x-rays. I really don't like the guessing game doctors often have to play. But when we're talking about labored breathing, I really don't want to mess around and I just have to leave it to the doctors. So they sent us home with albuterol for his nebulizer and antibiotics. Oh and nausea meds that I never had him use. He vomitted twice. Once at the Care Now and once in the car on the drive home. Poor guy. And so, just like that, the fun little birthday party was cancelled. Holden came home and slept until after 6pm and was a brand new boy after the long nap. I started figuring in my head how I could do a small playdate type birthday party on Monday morning. I had all the cupcakes sitting in my fridge that I really didn't want to go to waste. And we have enough hot dogs so serve a small army since Jeremy insisted I buy enough to feed each adult two. :)
We woke this morning to Pax coughing. Sometimes he sounds like he's been smoking a pack a day for his entire life. So this cough tends to come and go with allergies. Sadly, it's become somewhat normal for him. I've got to get a handle on his allergies. They are absolutely out of control and getting worse, it seems. So this morning I left all the boys at home and went to church to teach our little class of 4 year olds and then back home. I didn't stay for the actual church service. I grabbed a few groceries before heading home. And when I walked in the door, Pax was lying on the floor, looking super sad and wasn't saying words but just making whiney noises. I picked him up and he was very hot. The more closely I watched, I noticed the labored breathing. And 20 minutes later it had gotten much worse. So off he and I went to Care Now. His breathing really scared me. It was much worse than Holden's. I was asking him to talk to me the entire way there (it was just a 5 mintue drive) because he was acting so lethargic. Care Now was great to take us back immediately because of the breathing difficulties and the seriousness of it all. After several hours, his diagnosis was similar to Holden's and he is being treated the same way, plus an oral steroid for 5 days. His oxygen levels were pretty low most of the time that they were monitored. Yesterday with Holden they told me they hospitalize when it's at 92%. Holden's oxygen level never went lower than 95%. Pax's was consistenly staying around 90-92%. I was texting friends and family and asking for prayers. Thank you guys for praying for my little guy. And I had texted Jeremy and asked him to start packing a hospital bag for Pax. I just knew we were headed that direction. He just wasn't showing any signs of improvement no matter what they did. Eventually he was given two different injections and 20 mintues later he was finally showing signs of improvement. He is now home resting. I've been advised to keep a very close eye on him as breathing difficulties can take sharp turns quickly. So my little buddy will probably be snuggling close by me in bed tonight, just as Holden did last night. We would really appreciate your prayers for his continued recovery. He sort of scared this mommy today.
Holden's little playdate birthday party will not be taking place tomorrow. I think my little boys need some rest. And I'm almost certain they are contagious because how else did Pax come down with the same symptoms the very next day. (I was told yesterday that Holden would not be contagious.) But I'm not sure what we are going to do about this birthday. It was going to be his last big party, so I don't think I can just let this one slip by and not celebrate with some friends. That thought makes me a little sad. We must have some sort of party once the boys are healthy!

As for me, I've spent many hours over the past 2 days getting to know the weekend staff at our local Care Now. They were nice and all, but not who I wanted to spend my weekend with. ;) But today is Cinco de Mayo and that is a reason to celebrate. Queso is in my crockpot. The healthy kind: velvetta cheese, spicy ground sausage and rotel tomatoes. ;) So once my sick little boys are in bed tonight, I think I'll be chowing down on chips, queso and a margarita made by my favorite bartender, Jeremy.


~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Praying for healthy, good as new boys tomorrow morning! Y'all get some rest too! Eat some queso and a marg for me. No cinco celebrating here! Boo:( ill just have to make up for it another night! Perhaps HH at taco c with my favorite MelMel?!;)

The Everharts said...

So scary! Hope your boys are feeling better. Reschedule the party! I hate when stuff ruins my perfect plans but I usually find out that the revised plan is even better in the end!

A and Z said...

Oh no! Jude had pneumonia last month... There is NOTHING worse than sickness when they have breathing problems! :( So glad everyone is better!