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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All About Abe (+ a tiny update)

It seems as though there is a lot of nothing going on with our process right now. I am beyond frustrated. But instead of venting here again, I'll fill you in on our sweet little babe. A very gracious God blessed us with this sweet boy. So it only makes sense to trust Him with the rest of it. He is in control. Not everyone else. I keep reminding myself of this simple truth.

-So a little about our sweet baby boy. He has an amazing smile and I see it constantly. His beautiful full lips completely thin out when he shares his biggest grins.
-He loves to stand in our laps. He holds onto our hands and pulls himself up with those big muscles. Up. Down. Up. Down. He loves this little game. He also loves standing and bouncing on our laps. I've requested that Jeremy set up the Jumperoo before we get to bring Abe home. I think he'll love it.
-Today, May 29th, at almost 6 months, he rolled from front to back twice in a row. For the past week, I knew he could do it by the way he was pushing up on his feet into almost the push up position. I think he enjoys tummy time so much he just wasn't interested in rolling.
-He LOVES his baby cereal. He is my first baby that loves this stuff. Sometimes I can't shovel it into his mouth fast enough. And he's quickly become a fairly neat eater. Daddy will be proud. :) I've been holding off on starting fruits and veggies. I wanted to wait until we were home so I could start making it, as I did with the boys. That would be my ideal preference. By the way he loves this bland cereal, I  can only imagine he will love the fresh purees that are hopefully in his near future.
-Last week I bumped the big boy up to size 4 diapers. He was constantly leaking in size 3 and the larger size seemed to take care of the issue. He is wearing 9 months (probably not too much longer) and also 6-12 month clothes.
-He will hardly sleep in a pack-n-play. I mean, who can blame him. They are pretty solid and stiff. But he sleeps well on a regular bed. He even naps on a regular bed very well when I'm in another room. I'm hoping that eventually his new crib will meet his sleeping standards. :)
-At night he seems to be going about 6 hours between feedings. I know that is nothing to brag about, but I'm just documenting for the sake of remembering. He is about the size of Holden at this age. I still haven't weighed him so that's me eyeballing it, whatever that is worth. But holden was taking 8+oz 4 times a day before he was 4 months. Abe is only able to handle about 5-6oz at a feeding. And he's getting about 6 feedings a day still, with the extra 2 at nighttime. I'll work on it once we get settled at home. I'm thinking that if I can squeeze in some extra ounces during the day (without over-feeding him) then maybe those night stretches with lengthen. We'll see. As I've said before, it's a whole other ball game this time around. But I don't mind feeding him at midnight and then again at 6am (not that those times are always consistent by any means). For now, he and I sleep in until around 9am. Sometimes even 10am!! I know those days are coming to an end. And I don't care. I'm so so eager to have my family together. I really do ache for my big boys when I think about the time I'm missing out on with them.
So please continue to pray for us. That these people we are working with would be gracious and compassionate towards us. That they would expedite things, considering our situation and being out of state with our family in different places. I've been pleading with God to release us to go home. But just today I was thinking how I need to also be praying for those that have their hands on our file. That they would work quickly with our best interest in mind. That we could be a top priority right now. That they would take the necessary steps for approval but not create a bunch of extra hoops for us to jump through. Which is how it is feeling right now. See, I did end up venting after all. We covet all prayers because we know that He is in control and we firmly believe prayer can change things. Thank you friends.


Kim said...

We are getting updates from Amanda and continue to pray for you all.
I am sure this is so hard in so many ways. Praying you will be home very very soon.

The Linders said...

Just checking in... We are still praying!