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Sunday, December 5, 2010

White Rock Marathon

I ran in a marathon today! Well . . .a marathon relay. And what a blessing to be a part of the event. Besides having alot of fun with some friends, the day surprised me by what I ended up experiencing. To see marathoners cross that finish line was inspiring. The thought of 26.2miles is a little unappealing, but after all that I watched today . . . there is just something in me that wants to do it. God, gave me these legs and I am really enjoying this new use of them, in running. I'm loving it! I watched a little boy, with no legs, arm pedal his way through this marathon. I'm guessing he was around 6 years old. I was honored to be able to cheer for him around mile 21. And his sweet daddy followed right behind him. Arm pedaling also. Just like his little boy. That was an amazing sight and one that still has me choked up if I even begin to talk about it. I kept thinking, what an incredible way to put a positive spin on a situation that could leave you depressed. So I'm inspired and a bit emotional. Not about my 5 miles. I'm just a little overwhelmed by the things I witnesses today. So a marathon in my future? Maybe. Leaning towards yes. One day. I hope. And here are our runners (minus 1).
We had 2 relay teams so that each girl had a partner to run with. Smart idea. It made our time fly by!
My friend, Autumn was my partner. Great, great time! Looking forward to another race.

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Laura said...

Good for you! My husband ran the White Rock marathon 2 years ago. That was his 1st marathon, and my 1st one to witness, and I know what you mean about the emotional aspect of it. I got to stand very close to the finish line and made friends with some other wives whose husbands were running, and at one point or another, we were all in tears watching all these people complete this amazing accomplishment. We watched one person's legs give out right in front of us, maybe 10 yards from the finish line, and it was gut-wrenching to watch him struggle to his feet and finish. Everyone cheered for him as he crossed the finish line. It was something I'll never forget. And obviously I'll never forget watching my husband come into view and wave to us as we screamed our heads off cheering for him as he crossed the finish line. One of my proudest moments! You can do it, girl! Go for it!