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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Current cuteness.

I just want to document some cute things said and done by our boys lately.

Yesterday we were in the car driving to get 1 more Christmas present (the story of my week!). And I'm not sure that I've mentioned it, but Pax has realized that he LOVES to talk and babble. He attempts to repeat most things we say. But alot of times he gets going with conversation and just babbles away. So yesterday Pax was enthusiastically pointing out the car window and saying "gobba bee tee pfff gobba bun" or something like that. I turned my head and laughed at him. As I checked in my rearview mirror, Holden was watching him and just smiling. Now in case you haven't met him, Holden loves to be the center of attention. But I often catch him taking a breather and watching Pax. And unbeknownst to him in those short fleeting moments, he's giving bubba some spotlight time. And he's actually enjoying his place in the audience. I love to catch these moments where Pax is making Holden smile and laugh. Anyways, this was one of those brief moments. And then Holden said, "momma?" And I said "ye?" And Holden said "he's saying 'gobba bee tee pfff gobba bun'". And yes, he pretty much quoted Pax's babble-talk. And then he and I had a little laugh. I thought it was cute.

Today as we headed up the stairs to put the boys down for naps, Holden was quoting rules to himself. "Do not get out of bed. Do not open that door." It made me chuckle. Jeremy normally does Holden's nightime routine and maybe they are still going over the rules at night. I'm not sure. But I often catch Holden reminding himself of different rules throughout the day. And I just think it's funny. He sure wants to obey and be a good boy, but sometimes that other side wins out. :)

On a rare occassion, Pax doesn't want a diaper change or to lay down while I change his clothes. He typically goes with the flow, but on occassion he'll put up a fuss. When this happens and he is crying or fussing, Holden will rub his hair and say "It's otay bubba." I just love that he says "otay". And another cute one is "cut kate" (meaning cupcake).

The other day, the 4 of us were in the car and Jeremy pressed on the brakes. Nothing forceful, but Holden just noticed we were slowing down. And from the backseat we hear "go, people, go!" Uh oh! So not proud of that one. He got that from me. Except I normally just say "go people" in an annoyed tone. Not proud, but too funny not to share.

Okay, I know those sound more like Holden that Pax. I think it's just the age. Holden is talking up a storm and it makes us laugh often.

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