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Monday, December 6, 2010

Advent Calendar, days 1-4

I'm a little surprised that there are only 7 comments for the Christmas Giveaway. Maybe many of you already have the book. If not, click here and leave a comment before Friday!

Well, we've been using our advent calendar since December 1st and have had alot of fun doing some new and different activities. On the night of December 1st, I decided that I would read through the advent devotionals that went with the Jesse Tree. I like the idea of intentionally preparing my own heart for this season in a new way this year. I really do want my thoughts to be focussed on Him, amidst the hussle, bussle and fun things going on around us. I heard about the Jesse Tree last year and now that I'm a week into my reading, I'm positive that we will do this as a family next year. But on December 1st, I learned that advent ACTUALLY starts on November 28th. Good to know. Mental note for next year. So here are the fun things that the boys (though sometimes it's just been Holden) have been able to do thanks to the fun little surprise messages in the advent calendar.

December 1: We went to Hallmark and picked the boys out an ornament to represent them at this past year. Hallmark's a bit pricey, even with my coupon. I think we'll be going another route in ornament shopping next year. But Holden ended up with a Mickey Mouse train, because trains are his current obssession and he does like to see Mickey. Pax ended up with a tiny little See-n-Say ornament, batteries included. So cute. It's a favorite toy of his right now. And other than eating and books, he's not into a whole lot just yet.

December 2: We made a handprint wreath and then stamped some ornaments to later cut out and decorate the wreath. The process:

You should quickly see from the looks of this wreath, that I have never been a preschool teacher. :)

December 3: I was not home Friday night and most of Saturday. So on this day, Jeremy took the boys to Journey to the Manger at our church. They were able to see a live nativity and enjoy hot chocolate and cookies. Jeremy was sweet to take pictures while I was gone.
Apparently, on this night Pax was tired and just wouldn't have much to do with it all. He stuck close to the photographer (his daddy) and so he's not in any of the pictures.

December 4: Holden and Jeremy got to watch a Christmas movie together while enjoying some snacks. This all happened during Pax's morning nap. I wrapped up a $5 Thomas the Train Christmasy "movie". So of course, Holden was excited to open a present! And the fun activities will continue . . . I'm just a little behind from a busy weekend and not much time at home.


Misty said...

The wreath is SUPER cute!!! I never would have thought to stamp ornaments onto it.

Lindsey said...

It doesn't always start on Nov. 28. The beginning of Advent is a movable start that is always the Sunday which is 4 Sundays before Christmas Day. So, it begins in 2011 on...Nov 27 (and Christmas Day is on Sunday next year).

I love that picture with the hand-print wreath!! Holden is adorable. :D And what fun, seeing the live animals!

For Advent, we light our Advent wreath every night before dinner, and sing O Come, O Come Emmanuel (one verse). Last year all the kids learned the first verse well through repetition, so we will be singing the second verse in the second week of Advent, third in the third, etc

I also have a purple ribbon wrapped around my Christmas tree, and I'm holding off on turning on any of the Christmas lights till Christmas Eve! :D We have never gotten around to doing a Jesse tree yet, though each year I mean to.