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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Advent Calendar, days 17-19

December 17 - Holden worked on some Christmas tree activities. One was just a coloring sheet, to which he requested I draw an airplane ornament onto the tree. And of course, I did. :) And the other was a shape matching exercise, to which he mastered. Here he is proudly showing off his hard, but fun work.
He's a little goofball sometimes. Well . . . most of the time.

December 18 - We spent a few hours Saturday afternoon with M, Pax's birthmom and her family. She has grandparents about 1 hour from us and so we made our way to their house and did a small Christmas exchange with them. Small for them, large for us. :) Last year they loaded down our trunk with gifts for the boys. This year, M's dad said they did better and went "light". As the many gifts were being set in front of us, I thought maybe he was being sarcastic. I guess their family went lighter on the gifts, but somehow we still ended up with this:
Does this look light to you? :) The boys had a ball ripping into presents and playing with their new toys and the other kids at the house. As always, we had a great time with their family and even extended family. They love our boys and it shows. This relationship that has formed because of a precious baby boy is a unique experience and I'm blessed to be right in the middle of of it. Here is 1 picture of Pax and M.
December 19 - Holden finally mailed off our Christmas cards! We're super late getting them out this year. But hopefully they will arrive to everyone just in time for the holiday. Holden had fun dropping all 60 into the mail slot on our street.

There's just one more week of these fun activities! What in the world will we do in January?!

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