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Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Giveaway Winner!

Let me begin by saying this giveaway was not rigged. Not a good way to start this out, huh? Well, both of my sisters entered the giveaway. And of course, I had no issues with that. Well, my sister Amanda won! When I texted her to tell her this morning, she instructed me to draw someone else. And I told her that was ridiculous because she won fair and square. She felt bad for winning since we are related. Ridiculous, right? I thought so. Here are some pictures of our very fair and honest drawing. Holden did the drawing. But he can't read yet. So there was no cheating, even though he does love his aunties. :)

The 13 entries:

About to draw the lucky winner.
And there it is . . . Amanda, the eloquent writer from A Time to Dance. Also, the middle sister.Thanks to everyone for playing. Now go and get your little ones the Jesus Storybook Bible. It really is amazing!


The Myers said...

How funny that Amanda won. :) We didn't enter the drawing, but instead ordered ourselves a copy last week. I remembered you telling me about it. Super cute! Josh is excited to start reading it to her before bedtime in a few months. Or as soon as she can sit still for longer than 30 sec. :) Thanks for the idea.

The Skains Family said...

Aw boo!!! This was rigged for sure! Haha, just kidding. i guess I will have to buy my own. It was such a great idea though and I will definitely enter any future giveaways you have!