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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This Christmas

Have you thought about giving in a meaningful way this Christmas? Possibly involving your children and teaching them what true needs look like? Please take a moment to read about Shiloh Restored. This effort has been on my heart lately.

The very first time we visited our new church, an eager but sweet couple approached us before we left that Sunday. They had noticed us with Pax in the service and it opened up a conversation on adoption. And if you've spoken with us much, you know that's where our passions and hearts lie. Originally, adoption was always part of the plan for our family. Eventually. Further down the road. But we talked about it early, before we ever married. Then in 2008, it became the only way we felt comfortable in growing our family. And it was something we were genuinely excited about. And now, it's so much more than that to us. So attempt to have an adoption conversation with Jeremy and I, and it will be hard to shut us up. But we met Niji and Lali that first Sunday, just over a year ago. We spoke very briefly on adoption and exchanged emails. One week later, my family of 4 was sitting at their house having Chai Tea and dessert. We were practically strangers, but it felt far from it. They allowed our 18month Holden to play on Niji's Indian drum. And that FREAKED me out no matter how many times they assured me he couldn't hurt it. They truly loved on our boys that evening. We were able to share our adoption journey and they were able to share their desire to adopt. And there was connection. Our passions were similar. After a handful of dinners and open, honest, vulnerable conversations we got a glimpse of who they were. So it was not a huge surprise to us when they returned home from a mission trip from an orphanage in India and Shiloh Restored began to fall into place. I encourage you to check it out and ask how the Lord might want you to be involved. Even a one time Christmas donation could greatly impact one of these young girls.

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