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Thursday, December 9, 2010


I always imagined that Jeremy and I would have girls. A house full of girls. I didn't prefer girls over boys. I think that's how I imagined my future family because I grew up with sisters. It's what I knew. I didn't know life that included little boys. But let me tell ya . . . I do now! I know all about little boys! That is my life. Two precious little boys that make me smile countless times throughout my day. These boys, that I knew nothing about a few short years ago, are ridiculously fun. And they have changed me and my girly self in some small ways. I still like bows and little baby girly clothes. And I still hope to have a daughter one day. And I might even request a girl through adoption one day. But these boys are pretty incredible. And daily I feel blessed that God chose me for them.

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everyday graces said...

Love the flowers behind their ears