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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pax @ 15 months

I tried to re-create this picture since I had taken it with Holden at 15 months. See here. I love it! Pax turned 15 months on November 26th. Did y'all know my itty-bitty-teeny-weeny baby is not so itty-bitty? Jeremy and I think he is such a BABY. A little bitty baby. But he's not. He's 15 months old. Here is why I think, we think this way of him. 1)Holden never toddled. Right after he turned 1 year, he went from crawling to running and never fell down. Apparently he was super coordinated. We didn't realize it then. But now with Pax still toddling and falling, we realize it. So that makes Pax more babyish, I think. 2)He is more sensitive. He cries when he falls. Something else Holden didn't do much of. If there was blood, sometimes he would cry. Pax cries alot more. But I'm not complaining. I love to scoop him up and place his head on my shoulder and be his comforter. You see, I baby him which probably aids to him seeming more like a baby. :) When Holden was 15 months old, Pax was getting ready to enter this world. And we didn't even know it. If Pax had been our first born, I'm not sure I could have wrapped my mind around a 2nd child at that time. Because you see, we thought Holden was such a big boy at this age. Not a baby at all. But Pax is not a big boy. He's our baby. He may not be itty-bitty, but he's still our baby. So Tuesday we went to the doctor and he weighed 24lbs 14oz(55%) and this is actually just 1 oz lighter than Holden at this age. The size similarities with these 2 are always so crazy to me! And he is 32inches(76%) long which is just 1 inch shorter than Holden at 15 months. His big 92percentile noggin may be what makes him fall over alot. :) He had his shots and he cried and cried. And then slept for 3.5 hours without any lunch in him! Then he had a fever and wouldn't put much pressure on his legs to walk. And still, 48 hours later, when I touch those knots in his legs (even by lightly applying lotion) he cringes, stiffens and cries. Man, those shots wipe this baby out.

Pax is a little sweetheart and as time passes we get to see more and more of his fun personality. He loves to make faces, laugh at his brother and say cheese when a camera comes out. Here is the best cheese face I've ever captured of Pax:
See? He can be such a silly boy! This will be the one that goes in his senior yearbook.

The many things he loves right now are: his family, climbing, Elmo, listening to mommy or daddy read books to him (he would do this all day long!), sitting in a lap, dancing, music, jabbering and sleeping. His words are: daddy, mommy, bubba, eat, more, nana, papa, thank you, paci (which he calls babby), please and that's all I can remember right now. He signs eat, water, milk, please, thank you, all done and more. He normally shakes his head no if he doesn't want something I'm offering. Communication is going pretty well and the doctor seemed to think he had a great vocabulary for his age. I'm not sure what else to share. He's sweet and cuddly. Goodness, he's a good cuddler. He hasn't outgrown that yet and I love it! He's starting to show a little sass. He doesn't like to hear the word "no" and will wave his arms to let us know he is UP-SET when we tell him no. We try to ignore these little outbursts. For now, they are infrequent. He likes to stand on furniture and stand in his high chair, probably for the sake of getting attention. He does it several times during every meal. Ugh. In combination with his clumsiness we are trying to have him not stand on the furniture. :) Just a bad combo. He cries when we drop him off at the church nursery but I think they quickly win him over with cheerios. And sometimes he cries when we briefly leave the room at home. What can I say, he loves us. :) And he's going through that attachment stage. One that we never experienced much with Holden. He likes to babble, talk, squeal and scream. We have learned that he can be just as loud, if not louder, than his big brother. But it makes me proud that he's up for the competition. I love that about him.

I find this little boy pretty amazing. He is one of the main ingredients that makes my own life so enjoyable. Here are a few recent pictures of our cutie.
This was right after the shots. Pretty sure he was trying to forget about it all.
And one last picture with his best friend and bubba. I love these 2!

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