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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Celebrating #9

This weekend I was able to celebrate 9 years of marriage with my husband. Our wedding anniversary is November 23rd, which fell the day before Thanksgiving this year. So we postponed our celebration by a couple of weeks since it fell so close to the holiday this year. It has been 13 months (but who's counting?!) since we had a night away with just the 2 of us. And that was when we were celebrating our anniversary last year. My parents came to our house and stayed with the boys and we headed only 15 miles east for the weekend. It was almost weird being so close to home and at some of our normal spots, but we had both agreed that we didn't want to spend alot of time on the road. Jeremy planned just about everything on his own. I stayed out of it. And I love surprises, so I loved just sitting back and slowly finding out what was coming next.

We left our house Friday morning and headed for brunch and to do a little Christmas shopping at one of our favorite malls.
After we had circled the mall and scratched some people off of our shopping list, we headed back to the hotel to check-in, rest a little and then get ready for our evening. This was our hotel in the form of gingerbread.For Friday night, Jeremy planned for us to attend a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. It's something we had always talked about doing but had never done. We used to try and be more creative with our dates and do different things. But it seems like these days, we're lucky to just a get a date. So the creativity level has definitely dropped. But it was so nice that he put some thought into our weekend away and came up with some different fun things for us to try out. The dinner theatre was a fun and entertaining time. And I really appreciated Jeremy thinking outside of the box on this one.It was still early afterwards, so we headed to The Cheesecake Factory for coffee and dessert. Now mind you, we had already had dessert at the dinner theatre, but when Jeremy mentioned 30 types of cheesecake I didn't turn him down. We sort of dressed up this night, and this is the only blasted picture we got. Grrrr!
The next morning, I woke before 8am. I REALLY wanted to sleep in, but I just couldn't do it. Those boys have really done a number on my ability to sleep in. They have NOT done a number on their daddy in this department. So I let Jeremy sleep until 10 and then we headed to downtown Grapevine to check out all the fun gift shops. Downtown Grapevine is such a cute place, especially at Christmastime.
After some looking around and then lunch, we headed to the Delaney Vineyards and Winery. We went on a little tour and then did a tasting. I learned so much! About wine, and monks and the "angel's share". So interesting. And Texas is the 5th largest producer of wine in the U.S. That was a fact that surprised me. It was a beautiful place that I did not know about. And a fun addition to our weekend away.

We rested a bit on Saturday afternoon and then headed out that evening for dinner and movie. We slept in again today before heading home to see our boys. And I was able to sleep until 9:30am this morning!

It was great, simple and carefree weekend. As parents you're constantly caring for, cleaning up after and serving your little ones. It's our responsibility as parents. One that I love and am honored to do. But once in awhile, it's nice to have a break from that responsibility. And it's a blessing to have family that will step in for us so we can enjoy that break. We are thankful that the boys had a fun weekend with Nana and Papa J. And I'm thankful for my husband, that said "no" to everything else, but us for the weekend. He's my very best friend and this weekend only reminded me why.

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