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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I realize this won't break anyone's heart except mine, but I'm done posting each day's activities. We are truckin' right along with our Advent calendar and Jesse tree, but now I'm behind posting them all. So I'm breaking all the rules and not playing catch up this time. :) So here are a few highlights from the past week or so.
The boys did a Christmas tree craft. They LOVE painting. I caught Pax painting his entire forearm green and then later, tasting the craft paint.
We were able to spend almost a full day at the Myer's house. And it was a fun one! Once the kids woke from their afternoon naps, we went out for an early dinner and then to a really neat area for walking around and light looking.
(I'm not sure what possessed me to hold my 32lb {+5lbs extra in winter wear} toddler in this manner. Sorry for the awkwardness, Pax. Though, clearly he's not bothered by it.)
Pax's birthmom, M, came for a visit bearing many Christmas gifts for both boys. She and her family are givers and it seems that they love shopping for and giving to our little guys. See for yourself.We waited in a car line for 2 hours(!!!) to see Arlington's Interlochen lights. It was a full 2 hours before we even got into the neighborhood. Craziness. Jeremy says we'll do it again next year. It's a cool place because 95% of the houses participate (just my guestimate), which is so rare these days. And it was a fun time with the boys. Though next year, I will come prepared with snacks (and glow bracelets). :)
This little boy loves him some Christmas lights!

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will + adri said...

I love those painted trees - they are adorable! I will have to do that one day with Dax! Wow! Pax's birthmother did gift them with some treasures! What an adorable picture of them together!