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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advent activities, days 4-6

December 4 - Sunday evening the plan was for us to make Christmas cookies. I pulled out the Christmas cookie cutters and was following a recipe from a Funfetti Christmas cake box, because they had a recipe to make cookies from the cake mix. Well, the dough wasn't really the cookie cutter type. It just wouldn't cooperate. But I went ahead and rolled the boys out a chunk of dough and they were able to press their cutters into it and see the shapes. The shapes just wouldn't transfer to the cookie sheet without falling apart. So we ended up having some cookie cutter fun, but only round cookies.
December 5 - The next morning, we learned all about the star that led the wise men to baby Jesus. A friend told me about this idea last year and it was so much fun for the boys this year. I placed 1 star inside the advent calendar. Then I hid 10 other stars around the living room. The boys had to find all 10 stars and they did a great job. It was sort of like an Easter egg hunt.
Some of the hiding spots:
And TA DA! All 10 stars. Then we read this new book.
And talked at length about the special star that shone so bright over Bethlehem.

December 6 - Tonight we took the boys to the dollar spot at Target to pick out a gift for one another. The suspense of what Pax has picked for Holden is literally killing Holden. I'm hoping that by tomorrow morning he has forgotten about it. He got a little frustrated at one point and asked in exasperation "What did he get me?!?" We laughed at him and told him that he would just have to wait . . . for what is probably going to feel like an eternity. This is the part that I want to be a lesson in giving, not GETTING. But right now Holden looks at the dollar spot toys and just thinks of himself. But he is 3. So I'll give him a break. :)

More activities coming soon . . .

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