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Monday, December 12, 2011

Advent activities, days 7-12

December 7 - I took the boys to pick out their 2011 Christmas ornament. Each year when we do this, I'm trying to steer them in the direction of picking out something that has described them well in the past year. So I normally pick out 2-3 for them to choose from. In the past, we have done Hallmark ornaments, which I love. But this year, we just went to Hobby Lobby. It was just 1 week into December and the selection was pretty bad. Before arriving at the store, Pax had already decided he wanted a train and Holden was requesting a truck. We found neither of those. :( Pax has always been our sporty boy, so I was happy he fell in love with this one instead. I tried to push him towards the football, but he chose the basketball. Pax loves to wear a helmet when playing with any type of ball, so football describes him well at this age. He is definitely a lover of all sports right now. Holden did end up finding something with wheels, which does fit him well. I had just hoped to find his beloved cars or trucks, rather than a tricycle. Oh well.
December 8 - That evening, we danced to Christmas music. :)And Jeremy was a little annoyed that I thought I needed to take pictures of this event.

December 9 - This is the day we left for our weekend getaway. But I was thankful my parents continued the Advent calendar for us. So on Friday evening they bundled up the boys and took them to our church's Journey to the Manger. They got to see all sorts of animals and characters from Jesus' birth story. I heard that they even got to roast a marshmallow.

December 10 - The boys played "Dress the Snowman". Holden did this one last year and had alot of fun with it. You can do it like a paper doll or you can actually glue the pieces down, which is what mom helped the boys do. Pretty cute. My boys really love to sit and do crafts.
December 11 - And then last night, I read Jesus' birth story from Luke 2, and Jeremy, Holden and Pax helped act it out with our Veggie Tales Nativity. Fun time.

December 12 - We mailed off our Christmas cards. My parents were at the house and Pax chose to stay back and snuggle with nana. But Holden is always up for getting out of the house. So he rode with me to the post office to purchase stamps. Then he was my little helper. As I added stamps to all 50 cards, he slipped them into the drop box.

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