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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas - Round 1

Our Christmas festivities began last Thursday at my sister's house. It was my sister and family + my parents + our family. We were missing my other sister and her family since they came to Texas for Thanksgiving this year. Jeremy came home from work a little early and then we headed over for dinner. It was a fun time.
Carson played dress up with Pax and Pax loved every minute of the special attention.
I just had to include those. :)
We did a little present opening.
There are always moments that pass me by that I wish I could capture on video. The moment Holden opened this new sock monkey from my parents was one of those times. He went completely NUTS. Had Jeremy even been prepared for photos they would have all been blurry because he was jumping, hollering and swinging his new monkey around. He has completely worn out his original sock monkey that we gave him on his adoption day, 3+ years ago. And he was so excited to see this brightly colored friend. Now he sleeps with them both, but still drags around his original.
It was a wonderful evening celebrating with family.

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