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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advent activities, day 13

This morning we went to Outdoor World's Santa Wonderland. Which might sound a little crazy since we don't do Santa. But I've said it before, he's just a character around here, so he's not completely ejected from our home and activities. And I love letting my boys get their pictures made with Santa. I think those little pictures are so fun to look back on each year. I also loved (and laughed outloud) when Santa asked Holden what he wanted for Christmas this year. I laughed because Holden gave him this blank stare as if he didn't speak English. At 3 1/2, Holden still doesn't really know what's ahead in the gift department in less than 2 weeks. But I have to say that I like it that way. (And I don't really mean gifts from us. I just mean the cumulative truckload that the boys will receive from everyone.)

I like going to Outdoor World because the picture with Santa is free. You can buy a package, which I would never do. But they give you one 5X7 print and they also allow you to snap a picture with your own personal camera. Sweet. While waiting in line, I asked the boys to pose by the snowman. Pax told me he was "sca-wud" and started trying to crawl up leg. Oh boy! If he's scared of a non-mobile snowman, I may need to brace myself for this Santa picture. Holden posed. Pax clung to my leg like a koala bear, so he's not pictured in this one.
Let me back up by mentioning, before leaving the house this morning I pulled up our blog on the computer and showed the boys all of their past photos with Santa. Beginning with 2010 (and yes, Holden is wearing the same exact sweater because it still fits, sort of.), then 2009 and just little Holden in 2008. I just wanted to remind them that Santa was nice and he wouldn't take them home with him. One picture and you still get to leave the store with mommy. It worked. Well, that and the promise of a fruit snack.
Next up Holden got to play with the trains and Pax wanted to color (with pencils nonetheless).Then they both rode the reindeer carousel. Believe it or not Pax is normally a happy, smiley little guy. Just not feeling it today, I guess.
And 2 more fake smiles before heading out of the store.
The boys really enjoyed their time here, which made for a fun morning for me also. Last year, Jeremy did this with us. I would have never taken my 1 and 2 year old on foot through this store by myself. I stayed home alot more back then. It's amazing what a difference a year makes and how much easier these little outings are.

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